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cloakndagger1k - nathwill1@jabber.org

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i sent him CR over 30hrs now he will not send me btc and will not answer me admin look into this,i have all chat logs

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what are the rules?the link will not open it said dns not found

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I gave him 40 dollars for 2 items and I asked for Specific states and ages

he sent me 1 17 years younger and 1 1o years younger and with credit score of 717

his add clearly states 750 I told him I dont want them just replace the 2 pcs and he starts sending me 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and not males sending me ladies because what he promise is bullshit. If anyone of you guys say I should pay him I will but he gave me shit I cannot use and he kept asking over and over for 80 fucking dollars.

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post the logs you ripper. As I said if Mod says pay you I will.

This guy is the worst business it took him over 2-3 hours for 2 pcs. And he does not know what he is doing.

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Loading the message history... Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Thursday, August 17, 2017
nathwill1[13:44] yo here now

[13:44] did you get that?

[13:44] let me know when you need new pcs of GA

[14:28] here?

[14:35] there?

[14:40] got GA 772 scores

[14:40] age 54247997@yax.im[14:40] ok

[14:40] I need like 5 pcs

[14:40] the other one for 63 I dont think I can usenathwill1
[14:41] ok i prepare them now247997@yax.im
[14:41] 40-55 GA I WANT GUYS NAMESnathwill1
[14:41] ok i will prepare them now247997@yax.im
[14:45] hyho

[14:45] bro how long you hve these things

[14:46] I used John Ackerman before same guynathwill1
[14:46] when was that?247997@yax.im
[14:46] shit like 2 months or 3 months agonathwill1
[14:46] i get them same time247997@yax.im
[14:46] i have all his sit

[14:46] shitnathwill1[14:47] you know info varies maybe you got from another base

[14:47] dont know how you got them

[14:47] i have over 70k infos in my base it might just pop up in someone elses base too247997@yax.im
[14:49] ok listen give me his account on freecredit

[14:49] i bought from somee else

[14:49] I know the names and I have copy of thatnathwill1[14:49] ok hold247997@yax.im[14:49] no I used that name

[14:49] with same score

[14:49] wow

[15:03] bro how long

[15:04] for login and pass

[15:04] for John ackermannathwill1[15:04] hold please am working on it

[15:11] Ackermann1011

[15:11] Diamond1@247997@yax.im[15:18] tha nks

[15:18] 2 NN

[15:18] lol

[15:18] do you have his real email and password
nathwill1[15:19] only eamil dont have correct pass word

[15:19] do you mind for females for GA with good scores?
247997@yax.im[15:20] males right now let me ask my guy
nathwill1[15:20] ok

[15:20] am getting them ready

[15:20] please ask him
247997@yax.im[19:30] Yo

[19:30] L
nathwill1[19:45] am here
247997@yax.im[19:46] Bro you give me wrong bday
nathwill1[19:46] for which info?

[19:51] ?247997@yax.im[19:53] Ackerman is 35
nathwill1[19:53] i checked all dob on instantmate
247997@yax.im[19:53] I always ask for 45-45
nathwill1[19:53] oh that was what ypu mean?

[19:53] sorry about that

[19:53] last you said was 40-55 ok

[19:54] did you ask your friend if females ok?

[19:54] getting the 5 ready

[20:01] ????247997@yax.im
[20:04] No females
nathwill1[20:09] ok one GA and one SC ready now

[20:10] very high score

[20:10] 772 and 816 scores

[20:10] both males
247997@yax.im[20:10] Need Nj
nathwill1[20:10] not found nj yet bro

[20:11] GA and SC are part of what you said you need and i have been searching from your list with your needs

[20:12] most of the GA i found are not upto 750 thats why i have not sent them over yet

[20:12] but these 2 got very high scores
247997@yax.im[20:12] And I can't use the ones you sent
nathwill1[20:13] why?
247997@yax.im[20:18] Agr

[20:18] Age
nathwill1[20:19] 45-55

[20:19] the both i have now

[20:19] GA and SC

[20:19] good scores

[20:21] ?247997@yax.im
[20:22] The ones you sent

[20:22] Are no good can't use
nathwill1[20:23] you want to another one for that?
247997@yax.im[20:23] No

[20:23] Bad ages both

[20:23] One is 34 one is 63

[20:23] Big gap
nathwill1[20:23] oh ok

[20:24] ok the new one are your age range

[20:25] Robert U Belcher, Jr
219 Antigones Dream Dr
Lookout Mountain, Georgia 30750
Jun. 22, 1963 (54 Years Old)
Your credit score: 772

[20:25] use that one

[20:27] that age ok for you?
247997@yax.im[20:27] Ok
nathwill1[20:27] i have nc and sc now and ga

[20:45] do you need the sc and nc?
247997@yax.im[20:46] Yes
nathwill1[20:46] ok
247997@yax.im[20:46] But let me try them
nathwill1[20:47] which of them?

[20:47] you want to check them?

[20:48] 243252*** | 08/11/1962 | Michael | W | Preusz |1217 Allgood Bridge Rd, Pickens, SC 29671

[20:48] user-Preusz1011

[20:48] pass-Diamo***

[20:49] so am waiting

[20:49] you can send to send btc wallet

[20:49] 1KzzMTsPHFc1WdFu1bZ6sTRMJgypkE7xrm

[20:57] ?

[20:59] this is the second

[20:59] 229042*** | 03/12/1962 | Mark | E | Brodowicz |10100 Waterbrook Ln, Charlotte, NC 28277 Your credit score: 750

[21:06] 295725*** | 09/01/1962 | Joseph | P | Sorgen |2801 Kinsey Ct, Summerfield, NC 27358 Your credit score: 827

[21:06] thats the 3 one

[21:08] ?

[21:13] that will be $60

[21:24] SO?

[21:31] ?247997@yax.im[21:37] So??
nathwill1[21:37] I SENT YOU 3 INFOS


[21:39] THOSE ARE $60

[21:40] 800 SCORES I SENT YOU

[21:46] and?
247997@yax.im[21:47] If I can't use the old and young will and 20
nathwill1[21:47] how do youmean?
247997@yax.im[21:49] You sent me 2 wrong ages I can use them
nathwill1[21:49] i replaced those

[21:49] look up
247997@yax.im[21:49] No
nathwill1[21:49] i sent you total 4 now

[21:51] did you see?

[21:53] and this is another nc

[21:53] ===================
| 153002 | 257390*** | 09/02/1967 | Timothy | A | Freet | |3215 Sparling St
Cumming, Georgia 30041
Sep. 2, 1967 (49 Years Old) scroes 791

[21:53] thats 5 total i sent now

[21:55] ?

[21:59] i sent you 5 high credit scores now

[22:02] whats going on?
247997@yax.im[22:03] Ok

[22:03] I am driving all this time
nathwill1[22:05] || 091568** || Mark | E | Yousik | 204 Bountywood Dr
Apex, North Carolina 27539
August 18, 1976 Your credit score: 780

[22:06] thats another nc in all i have sent you 6 good high scores for NC now
247997@yax.im[22:10] Ok
nathwill1[22:11] 1KzzMTsPHFc1WdFu1bZ6sTRMJgypkE7xrm thats my btc wallet

[22:11] waiting

[22:17] ?

247997@yax.im[22:27] What

[22:27] You stressing me for 60 dollars told you I am driving
nathwill1[22:28] maybe i missundertood you

[22:28] i though you said you got off the road

[22:29] and its $80 not $60 i sent you 6 stuff minus the 2 you said you could not use because of the age

[22:29] waiting on you now

HE agreed he owe me and that he will pay so where was i wrong after replacement of the 2 he said he could not use

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why do you keep saying i gave you shit?why would you agree to pay when they are shit?what you could have said is you have know money and that i should wait a little while

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anyone that ones it can use it as I did not because this is not what I asked for.


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let me try them first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i took you 5min to try 2 pcs out and its taking you 48hrs to try 4 pcs dont talk domb dude,why do you agree to pay when you dont ask for them?first you said you did not ask for them now you are saying you said let me try them out first.which are we to believe liar

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Admin please look into this.i asked if he needed them he said yes and i sent and he agreed to pay me,but its been over 48hrs he did not say a word back not until i reported him here.he agreed he will pay so he should pay

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[15:58] i have no other option than to put you in blacklist section

[16:14] we meet at blacklist section if thats what you need247997@yax.im[16:20] listen I will pay you

[16:21] but I should not you sent more than i wanted

[16:21] and you just think you sending me shit I should paynathwill1[16:21] i asked you and you said yes you want them247997@yax.im[16:21] I asked you for 2 pcsnathwill1[16:21] i have logs bro247997@yax.im[16:21] show logs thennathwill1[16:21] i kept on asking

[16:21] you said you needed 5 pcs247997@yax.im[16:21] I said send me 2 pxs to replace WRONG INFORMATION

[16:21] you have to send me what I wantednathwill1[16:21] and i repalced those247997@yax.im[16:21] not what you wanted

[16:22] ok I will send

[16:22] but no more business with you

[16:22] as you are a pain in the ass

[16:22] you did not say

[16:22] I had to pay you just keep sending shit

[16:22] read you logs

[16:22] I never said send me 4PCS

[16:22] that is a lie

[16:22] and ITS ONLY 80 dollars and I dont know if your shit worksnathwill1[16:22] i have read it already and i asked you before i sent them you said yes

this was after i reported him to blacklist.if he did not use why would he have said he will pay simple he used and was good

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Admin thats the logs that clearly states he owes me and agreed to pay

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