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Brian Krebs

Treogang - N/A

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Requesting to ban for trash talks and attempts to attack my reputation and providing sensitive information such as private domain in public, which is against the rules of the shop. Plus - advertising other shops in each and every post of his.

Long story short.

Ex-customer deposited funds and then spent them in shop on dumps, then requested a password reset after which Treogang claimed he didn't make those purchases.

Even If that's true Treogang - should take care of his account security himself and pick a secure password and not share username with friends and partners. And most importantly not use same password on all sites.

But I don't think that's true. Because after registering all we see is a trash talks, accusations and ripper/scammer bullshit talks with no attempts to contact me. Advertising other shops in every post.

This donkey is obviously registered only for bashing. Requesting ban for above mentioned violations.

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1. Treogang profile -> https://carding.ug/member.php?u=99814
2. All the trash talks -> https://carding.ug/showthread.php?t=11791&page=13

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Check out Brianclub.at one of the best sites for dumps and cvvs

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Infraction given to Jayjay131 for flooding in the Blacklist section

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Блеки для финансовых претензий, за флудом следят модераторы.


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