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Fleeceware applications identified in the AppStore that threaten millions of users

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Malicious fleeceware applications have been found in the App Store, putting millions of users at risk. According to iOS developer Kosta Eleftheriou, the programs are disguised as image editors and platforms for watching movie trailers. In fact, they are fleeceware applications designed to steal money in secret.
Apps have now been removed from the AppStore, but Apple did not say whether it will refund funds to users who have been tricked into signing up for a paid subscription, or whether it will refund the profits generated from their sale.
The apps have been available for several months, despite user reviews that reveal their true nature and advertisements. Well-known personalities on social networks "with millions of subscribers" also promoted these applications.

“While Apple does not control its App Store, these applications have already been downloaded more than 2 million times and now they bring their creators about $ 16 thousand a day, or about $ 6 million a year,” said Eleftheriu.
Fleeceware is a type of application that secretly charges excessive user fees. Typically, fleeceware applications trick victims into installing a free "trial" and then charge large amounts for a "subscription." In some cases, the installation of such an application can cost the user $ 3 thousand per year.

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