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tbtxtbt - tbtxtbt@jabber.org

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Username: tbtxtbt

Jabber: tbtxtbt@jabber.org

Profile link: https://carding.ug/member.php?u=180527

Aftee responding to him on jabber , he paid the first share but when I did 3x the first one , he ripped, he has been coming on jabber daily and comes on forum sometimes

Proof of jabber below

Chat logs below :

14:21:42] Me:

The vbv site

[14:22:24] tbtxtbt:


[14:22:46] Me:

What is the website?

[14:22:56] tbtxtbt:

it mobile site

[14:22:59] tbtxtbt:


[14:22:59] Me:

Have you tried non vbv cards?

[14:23:14] tbtxtbt:

yes will not work

[14:23:25] tbtxtbt:


[14:23:42] tbtxtbt:

user : 9xxxxxx

[14:23:46] tbtxtbt:

pass : Tbtxtbt07

[14:24:02] tbtxtbt:

u click on

[14:24:13] tbtxtbt:

Billing & Payment

[14:24:15] tbtxtbt:


[14:24:27] tbtxtbt:

Recharge a Prepaid Line

[14:24:40] tbtxtbt:

use new acrd and pay

[14:28:37] Me:

And once funded, you cashout immediately??

[14:28:42] tbtxtbt:


[14:28:45] tbtxtbt:

1-2 hrs

[14:28:56] Me:

What is % share?

[14:29:11] tbtxtbt:

i resll for less than 10%

[14:29:16] tbtxtbt:

so 45%

[14:29:42] tbtxtbt:

i resell the balance for less 10%

[14:29:50] tbtxtbt:

assap i have many buyer ready

[14:30:14] Me:

Only interested in 50% share

[14:30:24] tbtxtbt:

it 50% share

[14:30:38] tbtxtbt:

if u do 1000usd

[14:30:43] tbtxtbt:

i sell it for 900usd

[14:30:44] Me:

> assap i have many buyer ready

So why need 1 to 2 hours

[14:30:48] tbtxtbt:

u will git 450$

[14:30:49] tbtxtbt:


[14:31:06] tbtxtbt:

to transfer the balance to the buyer

[14:31:28] Me:

M> if u do 1000usd

If I do 1000 USD, I am only interested in $500

[14:31:44] tbtxtbt:

ok no preblem i can take 400$

[14:31:48] tbtxtbt:

and give u 500$

[14:32:51] tbtxtbt:

u can load 200k usud

[14:32:53] tbtxtbt:

no problem

Saturday, 24 August, 2019

[09:30:21] Me:

I have funded your credit

[09:31:06] Me:

Check please

[09:48:31] Me:


[09:54:18] Me:

Send my 50% BTC to this wallet

[09:54:39] Me:

So I can load more with my vbv password card

Monday, 26 August, 2019

[09:03:50] Me:

Send the 50% BTC now so I do more now

[16:50:27] Me:


[20:53:47] Me:

I would have done probably 15k to 20k SAR by now if you weren't slow on sending my 50%!!

Tuesday, 27 August, 2019

[09:14:44] Me:


Sunday, 25 August, 2019

[23:58:12] tbtxtbt:

this is u

[23:58:15] tbtxtbt:

okay saved

[23:58:39] tbtxtbt:

send wallet again

[23:58:53] Me:


[23:59:00] tbtxtbt:

ok morning will sent u

Monday, 26 August, 2019

[00:00:17] Me:

What is maximum limit?

[00:00:18] tbtxtbt:

next try to do big amounts

[00:00:21] tbtxtbt:

up to 10k

[00:00:51] Me:

After I see my 50% share

[00:00:58] Me:

You said 1 hour

[00:01:06] Me:

It's been 2 days

[00:01:30] tbtxtbt:

i was out home and didn't chk messages

[00:01:47] tbtxtbt:

yes only 1 hrs in from 6 am to 12

[00:01:55] tbtxtbt:

now all store closed

[00:02:01] tbtxtbt:

2 am here

[00:02:09] tbtxtbt:

6 am will take out

[00:02:16] tbtxtbt:

u will get

[00:02:18] tbtxtbt:

the btc

[00:03:04] Me:

> up to 10k

Yes I can try to do that , but since you are not doing escrow, I may just do 1k to 3k and when you pay the 50%, I will do another 1k to 3k, and when you pay, I do another

[00:03:11] tbtxtbt:

if u didn't tell me i wouldn't know

[00:03:28] Me:

I sent you messages on forum

[00:03:37] Me:

Sent you messages on jabber

[00:03:49] Me:

You were on forum yesterday and today

[00:03:54] tbtxtbt:

was out home

[00:04:00] Me:


[00:12:16] Me:

Mitsubishi UFJ bank

[00:37:06] tbtxtbt:

u here ?

[00:51:32] tbtxtbt:

u have more card now

[00:51:43] tbtxtbt:

i can pay u now before taking it out

[00:51:47] tbtxtbt:

let me send u

[00:51:57] tbtxtbt:


[00:52:01] tbtxtbt:

confirm wallet

[00:52:28] Me:


[00:52:41] Me:

Yes I have more cards now

[00:52:43] tbtxtbt:


[00:52:47] tbtxtbt:

let me send 1 sec

[00:53:51] tbtxtbt:

u can try to load more and more

[00:54:25] Me:

Yes after I see money in my wallet

[00:54:44] tbtxtbt:


[00:54:53] tbtxtbt:

5mins paymnet will confirmed

[00:54:55] tbtxtbt:

aleady sent

[00:56:59] tbtxtbt:

u got it

[02:26:41] Me:


[02:26:51] Me:


[02:28:10] tbtxtbt:

you got it

[02:29:41] Me:

Done 1000

[02:29:50] tbtxtbt:


[02:29:53] tbtxtbt:

good :d

[02:29:57] tbtxtbt:

try to make 10k

[02:30:02] tbtxtbt:

so it be good amount

[02:30:10] tbtxtbt:

u can try to do 5k at once

[02:31:52] tbtxtbt:


[02:32:10] tbtxtbt:

load more by morning will takeout all and send u btc asap

[02:32:17] Me:

You have cashed it out right?

[02:32:39] Me:

I mean you have transferred it

[02:32:58] tbtxtbt:

not yet w8 for 6am place to open here

[02:35:07] Me:


[02:35:22] tbtxtbt:

try to make it 10 k

[02:35:55] Me:

I said 3k

[02:36:01] Me:


[02:36:09] Me:

And 1k minimum

[02:36:16] Me:

You send share

[02:36:29] Me:

I do another 1k to 3k

[02:36:56] Me:

Can even do 50k in a day

[02:37:09] tbtxtbt:

morning will take out this

[02:37:25] tbtxtbt:

will send asap

[02:37:33] tbtxtbt:

in working hours

[02:37:39] tbtxtbt:

where u from

[02:37:44] tbtxtbt:

what the time there now ?

[02:42:27] tbtxtbt:

ok do more 2k so i take 3k

[02:42:33] tbtxtbt:

it's near to 1k doller

[02:42:51] tbtxtbt:

so we get near 500$ by morning

[09:02:52] Me:

got 3800 SAR

Tuesday, 27 August, 2019

[10:18:34] Me:

And you keep reading messages but don't respond!!

[19:20:05] Me:


You have cashed out the credit balance so why very slow in sending the BTC??

[19:21:45] Me:

Send it now to that BTC wallet, so I card more now!!!

Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

[00:02:37] Me:


[00:21:44] Me:

I could have done over 50,000 SAR by now if you were not very very slow in sending my 50% BTC share !!!

[01:50:47] Me:


[14:34:20] Me:

Let's do it like this

[14:34:33] Me:

Send the 50% BTC share

[14:35:00] Me:

And next funding , I will do minimum of 10,000 SAR

[14:35:29] Me:

That way we both make much money

Thursday, 5 September, 2019

[15:19:13] Me:

Now its confirmed you are a consistent beggar lying ripping idiot

[15:20:44] Me:

You are so visionless and so dumb and dull

[15:21:21] Me:

Why rip $2000 , when you could have easily made $50,000

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