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Need good drop usa amazon

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Hi all friends i can ship all item in amazon 100-200$ price 50-55% who need contact me need bulk address

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I can cover Los Angeles, California and all item will be sent to my private business address where you can see all packages arrive for confidence, trust and remain informed at all times. I can handle all electronics, gadgets, devices, computers, etc. as my small business is a technology company. I will also handle the sales locally and can fetch the best prices at charge a lower rate than everyone I am certain which means more money will be returned to you in whatever method you desire. I am good with a sample run if you wanted to get started and as we build up good business together and gain profits we can scale it up together and make shit happen.

I would not sacrifice my reputation and a petty thief and stop all future means of earnings by stealing a cheap one-time item from you, anyone who does do that is a moron. I am chill and mellow but I am a leader myself and I get shit done when shit needs to get done, I am professional and will be watching our backs the entire time to ensure there isn't a jealous fat kit with no life trying to fuck up our business stream and have already set up measures to prevent such thing from happening let alone being seen or detected because it is impossible for the item(s) once they arrive at my end to know who picks up due to the business address is multiple businesses and inside behind closed doors is where packages are picked up.

I have established the best drop procedure and I am located in the best area to turn electronics for top dollar due to my location being one of the largest and wealth mega-metropolis in the world and next to one of the largest and busiest ports in the world for import and export of goods from around the world.

Here is my price breakdown:

Each Item I Sell:

- 25% Fee Per Item

- 75% Returns to You Per Item Sold

Item a Buyer Picks Up:

- 15% Fee Per Item

- 85% Return To You

Dropping off or Forwarding Within US:

- 10% Fee; 90% Return Minus Shipping

Item(s) Forwarded Internationally:

- 10% Fee; 90% Return Minus Shipping

Example: Headphones I Sold That Cost $160US,

Sold for $120US = Profit $120

-25% Fee = $30 and the remaining $90 returns to you! I will send payment combined with the sales for a period of 2 weeks or 14-day or twice per month in any method you prefer. I also would like the capability to order for myself on occasion and reason why my prices are so low because I tend to drop my phone often or lose a pair of sunglasses from time to time. My offer is open to other suppliers who are capable of providing a steady stream of products to me and I will handle the rest and you can start making a real profit because I am not greedy and like business to be easy and smooth without problems, I hate problems and drama. I can deal with problem clients myself by making the problem go away by making them eat through a straw and don't mind having friends who ride motorcycles and can erase problems when I desire if you follow me. In conclusion, I am ready to start building a long-lasting business relationship and maybe one day we will have a meeting together on a yacht and become legitimate friends because friends and family is far more valuable than any amount of money, period.

Get at me... High-end electronics and devices are what I would find best to flip and most profitable for the enterprise. $160 headphones ~ $30 profit... meh, an order of 10x headphones sold for $80(each) x10 = $200 for me and $600 for you, better. Or Mac Book Pro Latest $2400 sold for $1800 = better. (these are just fictional numbers and not what will be the actual sold price but I am guessing I can sell them for around those numbers because I kill this game and have the skills and capacity to do it. Is Whos ready to really make money instead of cents? Hit me up below:

I. PM me through the forums messaging system

II. Telegram: @Xecution

III. Email: xecution[at]tutanota[dot]com

IV. Text / Call: earned in time

P.S. I need to order myself a few things soon, so I want to get business started sooner than later, over here in Southern California summer is full swing, rich little snob kids with money are spending it without thought, and school will be starting back up at the beginning of next month so we need to move now to capitalize on easy money. =\X/=

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Still need update need more address usa for ship items 50-100-150

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So address's have to cover the cost upfront or is this a % based after selling items? Asking for clarifacation. Thanks

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Still need update need more address usa for ship items 50-100-150

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