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  1. Is VPN actually necessary ?!?

    Google it, you will be amaze for the search results.
  2. Looking for deds/VNC with POS

    I have, PM me.
  3. Онлайн игра

    I'm new too, but i don't thnk you're n the right place to ask that kind of question. Try asking here --
  4. Ищу USA VNC+POS

    Hello, Christmas come early. Message me. Telegram: @killwithme
  5. Hi i need one badass mthrf*ckr n here that has actual ransomware infiltrate a corporate networks that has over 100 or 200+ workstations. Since i'm new n here and don't have reputation yet let me introduce myself to you through this dea. I only take 40% of the total ransom we agreed on. the rest is yours. 40/60 profit sharing. Message me directly. Merry Christmas in advance! : ) Telegram: @killwithme
  6. I need drops from Canada. Message me. Telegram: @killwithme
  7. I need someone who has account on Authorize.NET (merchant) If you have then you're the one i've been waiting for. this is one time bigtime deal , thousands of US $ at stake here. 50/50. I cant divulge the full job scope/detail n here. but if you're interested don;t hesitate to message i'll make sure it's worth it. : )