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  1. I come from e-commerce

    Just curious, if you was good at e-commerce "shit" why bother with carding? I mean by now you probably see that it's much more bullshit and too much work involved and lot of time wasting and $$$ too.. You spend hours figuring out all those Drops/Cards/Bins/ Proxies/VPN, hours of work for nothing, if you just code for somebody you would probably make much more $$$.. I mean carding sounds "cool", but I think some people will make more money just delivering Pizza around.. Marketing is much easier and long lasting biz model.. Play for little more and I think you will be back to Facebook Ads, racking cash that way.. And you can always process few stolen cards, if you wish to enjoy a Chargeback 20$ Fee on top of that.. Good luck..
  2. green dot cashout HELP

    Bro, #1 Doesn't matter what SSN# you use, when register the Card. #2 About PIN, just REMEMBER all Prepaid DEBIT cards have Default PIN set to LAST 4 DIGITS of your CC#, that's your PIN! Just go to store and use card with PIN, as I mention above, You're welcome
  3. a few questions about carding

    LOL... Dude.. Amazing brain f*cking action.. I have a shortcut for you.. If you can BET on the game and WIN, then you just do that, no need all this carding crap. Just Bet and WIN, No MIXING BTC needed, no hiding, no vpn, no prepaid cards, no fake names.. 8-)) LOL
  4. Quick dumb question about physical carding

    === How exactly did you figure that success rate maybe higher? What are you planning to do? Run blank white card 1 feet away from cashiers face? Do you have fake ID? Dump Pin? Yeah, my ass... 99.9% are scam or they charge $200/card with no Refund.. Or you have to buy 100 cards minimum, 85% of which are dead on arrival.. .. Besides, in US particularly there is $400/day ATM limit on 90% of the Debit cards... So you are basically paying 50% upfront on 5% success rate.. It's not even profitable.. Cause hey, lets face it, if there is "NO REFUND", they could simply ATM all good cards themselves and sell you 100% JUNK... Why not? No REFUND. So they can keep selling sh*t for $200/piece all day long... Good Luck... "Quick dumb question" it's a Keyword which says it all. P.S. You don't even understand what are you talking about: "get cc details and just print them on there" LOL Good luck printing, you really think real cards doesn't have any security features embedded? Sure just print the numbers and go shopping ))
  5. You misunderstood my point in Q, but it's ok.. no problem..
  6. Please elaborate what is the Cut % and how you think it's possible to send you BTC which are 100% not refundable in exchange for your Deposit, which can be pulled out in couple of days, before cashout.. How this even possible, unless you are not my son or brother and even that is no guarantee nowadays... Crazy freaking times 99% scamming each other instead of scamming banksters...
  7. Does payments reverse? If it does, then balance owed will be applied back on the card.. In other words if your payment charge back then my as well just collect the $$$ and do not load anything, this is the same thing.. What is the point loading the balance on CC if it charges back? On DEBIT card it make sense since it could be anonymous and money can be withdraw from an ATM.. On Credit? Ok guy quickly buy something, but, then Chargeback amount will be applied back on the card.. So question remains... Payment reverses or not?
  8. I completely do not get it.. If guys talking about LEGIT Credit Card, which means (your own) SSN# is on file.. Perhaps somebody load 1k$ on your balance and you buy something/cashout.. Then, lets say 3 weeks later payment reverse, then CC company will apply 1k$ back to your Balance and you will still owe $1k.. With the same result you can simply cash out your entire CC balance, if you have any left and don't pay.. What is the point? If CC is on the some DROP SSN# then maybe it make sense.. but it's pretty complex.. You'll need to pay some bills to keep CC active still.. Is that what you mean? CC on some Drop?
  9. BadAss Neega Gift Card loading ;)

    New Cashout Method, LOL "Deputies: Man dressed as woman steals gift cards" ) I cannot even imaging this sh***T.. People hiding trying to use dumps, here are 2 bad A$$ Neegas push cashier on the floor in big DEPT. Store (Home Depot) activate bunch of gift cards at the register and left on 2 occasions in 2 diff. locations )) Man... Look there is few photos It's look like the big woman not Man actually, but who knows.. FOX 13 NEWS: man-dressed-as-woman-suspected-of-gift-card-theft Not sure if I can post link to news site, so you can google..
  10. Bitcoin no longer suitable for payments

    I'm not getting that point either, just got a wallet yesterday at blockchain At least you can specify your own Custom FEE you would like to pay oppose to the wallets where all fees are calculated automatically and now on Bitpay Wallet min FEE is 826 SAT per Bite, which means you are screwed, and it doesn't make any sense to send anything less than a $1000 worth of BTC otherwise you will pay 300%-70% in fees alone for sending out anything between 5-100$.. There is much better options out there, why even bother using this slow and expensive as f*ck, old dinosaur.. All vendors should switch to monero or dash or ETH ..
  11. Yoto - loadpp@exploit.im

    Бро, да я уж наверное догодался, - "Обидно слушай.." Я смотрю тут нужен не сервис по дампам и дропам а крысиный терминатор в стиле 90х: В багажник и в лес, на беседу, что-б об'яснили, что такое хорошо а что такое плохо. "Крошка сын пришел к отцу..." и все такое Добавлено через 3 минуты 12 секунд Еще сфотографируй прикол, у Крысы репутация 5, у меня -1, Просто супер.. Конечно это не покатель, но все-же нонсенс...
  12. Yoto - loadpp@exploit.im

    Это ты мне? Понимаешь, бывают такие моменты, когда наступает дело принципа, Вот пиз***ла телка бабки, пиз****ла и все было хорошо, пока не нашла коса на камень и что-то пошло не так.. Всему есть предел пойми.. Я еще х200 добавлю и найдут, так что ей лучше появится и извинится.. Сцуко, как они уже заеб**ли. Спи теперь и ворочайся за эти 400 грин, оно тебе надо?
  13. Yoto - loadpp@exploit.im

    Нам-бы тоже пообщатся не мешало, а то деньги получены, а девушка пропала полдня в оффлайне несерьезно как-то.
  14. Кто работает с BML

    Я не знаю как сейчас, но я год назад примерно слил челу перевод как "Френдс и Фэмили" используя Палку кредит и через день он мне уже с баланса кинул перевод назад и он упал мне на баланс, а не ушел обратно в кредит как в случае рефанда... Вопрос найти такого чела, кругом одни кидалы 99.8%.. )) Поэтому приходится все делать самому...
  15. Чел, тупо бредит, особенно про Уолмарт ) Даже если с легальным акком и картоном покупать любую гифту с доставкой на мыло, 90% что кенсельнут и надо будет звонить и доказывать что ты не пингвин... Купить Гифт и заплатить Гифтом? Это где такое вообще есть? Не говоря уже о том что он предлагает Регать новый АКК ))) Удачи!!! с Новым Акком ты даже со своего Банк АККА или с КАРТЫ легальной них*я не купишь Гифт на Мыло, в Уолмарт? 100% не купишь.. Позвонишь, посоветуют прийти в магаз ножками и купить скажут типа они ничего сделать не могут это ихний антифрод такой... :0))