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  1. Selling RBC and BMO account

    Ripper Report https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?t=39652

    Legit cashier. I got my hands on a few d p from out of my region and he cashed them out fully. Sent me my share in btc. Overall had a good experience. Will be back when I need more cashed
  3. WANTED: Aged Yelp accounts

    Looking for aged yelp accounts. Hacked accounts could work. PM me if you have.
  4. It says I can't PM him. I replied to one of his threads
  5. 1. Gains 2. https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=5933 3. Ripped for localbitcoin account - $360 steven w (17.11.2018 16:35): hey got any lbc accounts? GNS (17.11.2018 16:37): Yes steven w (17.11.2018 16:37): screenshot of acct? GNS (17.11.2018 16:38): You are ready to buy? GNS (17.11.2018 16:38): I don't like my time wasted steven w (17.11.2018 16:38): whats the price GNS (17.11.2018 16:39): 350 steven w (17.11.2018 16:40): good price. im btc ready steven w (17.11.2018 16:40): need more info on account. whats trade volume? GNS (17.11.2018 16:41): Wait i'll take screen GNS (17.11.2018 16:46): https://i.imgur.com/7zPRdon.jpg steven w (17.11.2018 16:47): good account bro steven w (17.11.2018 16:47): does it come with original email? GNS (17.11.2018 16:47): Yes steven w (17.11.2018 16:48): not suspended right? bought one from some other guy and it ended up being suspended steven w (17.11.2018 16:48): after trying to post an ad GNS (17.11.2018 16:48): Nope it's working fine of course steven w (17.11.2018 16:49): ok what country/state was IP on last login GNS (17.11.2018 16:50): US steven w (17.11.2018 16:50): so i can buy RDP from same area GNS (17.11.2018 16:50): NY steven w (17.11.2018 16:50): do u also have documents for acct? GNS (17.11.2018 16:51): Yeah i have steven w (17.11.2018 16:52): k if u can provide too that would be perfect steven w (17.11.2018 16:52): ready to buy GNS (17.11.2018 16:52): No prob GNS (17.11.2018 16:53): 3HFeKZ2Cr6DYiDUhZM8A7Qm6gr5RV1n44Q GNS (17.11.2018 16:53): 0.0635 steven w (17.11.2018 16:54): dont forget to take off 2fa if its on GNS (17.11.2018 16:54): I know. It's off steven w (17.11.2018 16:56): wait up need to buy the rdp steven w (17.11.2018 16:56): gimme a couple min GNS (17.11.2018 16:56): Ok steven w (17.11.2018 17:23): sorry for delay. RDP's have been getting havent been working steven w (17.11.2018 17:23): I've* GNS (17.11.2018 17:37): I'll provide you rdp with it steven w (17.11.2018 17:38): waiting for deposit in this RDP shop. if i get another dead one then ill use yours GNS (17.11.2018 17:39): Ok steven w (17.11.2018 17:45): crazy how many RDP steven w (17.11.2018 17:45): how many RDP's i just tried and were dead steven w (17.11.2018 17:45): if u can send one that would be cool. Ill send u an extra $10 GNS (17.11.2018 17:46): I'll provide you one that works with your order. I'm subscribed to a private service GNS (17.11.2018 17:47): Confirm when payment is sent steven w (17.11.2018 17:47): ok cool. sending $360 right now GNS (17.11.2018 17:47): 3HFeKZ2Cr6DYiDUhZM8A7Qm6gr5RV1n44Q steven w (17.11.2018 17:48): k sent GNS (17.11.2018 17:49): Let me check GNS (17.11.2018 17:49): Give me your email. Will send details there steven w (17.11.2018 17:51): REMOVED GNS (17.11.2018 17:58): Few mins GNS (17.11.2018 18:02): I will just send in privnote. outlook is slow GNS (17.11.2018 18:02): https://privnote.com/CttjV0x0#wTLT153g6 GNS (17.11.2018 18:02): Confirm me when you got it GNS (17.11.2018 18:03): I will provide docs tomorrow cause they are form another usb drive my other ofice GNS (17.11.2018 18:04): Got it? steven w (17.11.2018 18:06): yep steven w (17.11.2018 18:06): how do i log into that email? steven w (17.11.2018 18:08): cant connect to the RDP GNS (17.11.2018 18:08): Let me check another rdp steven w (17.11.2018 18:58): yo blocked me from ICQ and jabber right after. Looks like he edited his listings to remove his ICQ. Shame when old members scam for such measley amounts Добавлено через 1 час 43 минуты 52 секунды forgot to put this in original post: so basically after I finally got my own RDP, I tried logging in to the email and lbc account and passwords were wrong. And if anyone else has him on ICQ, they can confirm that that's his account.
  6. Cancel escrow deal

    Hello can I have my escrow deal cancelled please. Account got sold to someone else. /showthread.php?t=34703
  7. 1. professional 2. https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=2969 3. Ripped for lbc acct - $350 Second time I got ripped by a long time member here. My fault for not learning my lesson the first time lol. Losing these measly amounts doesn't affect me (3:53:58 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: yo im back (3:54:04 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: u still got the 100-250 account? (3:54:08 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: can buy right now (4:19:45 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: hey bro (4:19:52 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: yup still got (4:20:09 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: still no login from the guy right? (4:20:23 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: nope (4:20:44 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: forgot to mention ip is ontario province city st. catherines (4:21:04 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: when was ur last login? (4:21:34 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: almost 2 weeks ago (4:21:47 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: first time i spoke with you about it (4:21:55 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: k cool. i think itll be safe to sign in now from anywhere (4:22:09 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: oh okay (4:22:13 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: is 2fa turned off? (4:22:27 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: never had 2fa (4:23:00 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: alright (4:23:15 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: send here: 1PLjaKBKxAWLVVrBARxU2u1eSZX3U9BCUa (4:23:21 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: 350 right (4:23:21 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: give me min to get info (4:23:28 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: yeah (4:34:30 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: can we do 175 now then the other 175 after i check acct out (4:42:02 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: this is my last acct bro, not sure when ill get more. what if you lock the acct once you try and log in? (4:42:24 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: if you want can do escrow again (4:42:48 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: is director online (4:43:31 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: do you even have correct socks? (4:44:11 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: rdp (4:44:19 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: fuck it. ill just pay the 350 (4:44:35 PM) professional-xx@xmpp.jp: remember i gave 50 discount bro (4:45:41 PM) zero500@jabber.hot-chilli.net/XE9ddVfE: k sent it Blocked me right after. My fault for being impatient and not waiting for Director to get online so we can do escrow. We recently did a deal so I trusted him + he's been a member here for years and has good rep. Can't trust anyone anymore smh