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  1. E-gift Pandora - 30%

    I added you on Jabber and Telegram and no response. I need to get these in bulk. Maybe 8 k per week for the next 2 weeks.
  2. E-gift Pandora - 30%

    Messaged you. I need BULK.
  3. Cash Out from Credit Cards using game

    You are clearly new to this.

    I know this guy for over 6 years... actually longer. I vouch for him. Pain in the ass at times but overall good guy.
  5. My personal method for Amazon

    Think , if everyone is using the same setup eventually they all get flagged. 3D Canvas- of the setup is kept. *Sigh* Ironically, carding amazon is actually easier than most of you think.
  6. Cash App Funding need

    I was saying I can do it Myself. People keep begging but its not going to work. You pay me I will do it , you dont pay me , not going to happen. Too much scammers and beggers.
  7. Cash App Funding need

    So many people want me to send money first. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You either pay me first or escrow. Simple. You can Pay me to teach you how to do it yourself too. I am NOT topping up cash app for anyone first any more.
  8. Cash App Funding need

    Do you still need?
  9. Looking For: Bulk Dump+Pin

    Ok. So there are D P sellers , but because it is such valuable product and the concept behind it is easy money there are more scammers selling it than real sellers. Another challenge is that usually if someone can skim a dump pin in their area, chances are they will be able to use it themselves, so selling it would be pretty much silly. On the flip side, persons who capture or hack(dropping malware remote on pos) dump and pins via POS often time get large volumes of dumps and dump and pins. So they sell bulk dump and pins packs. Some d p sellers arise from having D P that are region blocked in their area so they will use partners (or sell to people in areas that can cash them). Real D P owners prefer to partner rather than sell since they make more money that way and less risk. Since you are not known as a D P cashier , IF you are even considered, they will wan to sell you a couple first before taking risk of giving you d P to cash. There are sellers and sites you can get D P . You should try to understand which ones are CHIP and PIN vs Non Chipped cards. You can PM to point you in the right direction.
  10. Booking and airbnb jobs

    Go first and I get you over $12k business every month. Easy.
  11. If you the one making so many mistakes and getting ripped so many times and have so many people complaining. Who really is the stupid fuck? I told you..... BE SMART . You are not a smart business man. Not ONE positive review yet. All complaints and scam reports? At this point anyone with good business acumen would have up to at least 4 million for the time you offering that service. Money talks . Bullshit Walks.
  12. AlphaBay Taken Down by Law Enforcement Across 3 Countries

    Why was it reported then that over 3. 5 million was seen going out on their blockchain last week?
  13. Куплю MOVO CASH

    I can provide it. Note those I do individual setups for each customer. So I dont mix them to keep things clean . - PM me a rate that you might be comfortable with
  14. I have a network of owners. Hit me up. Asap.
  15. I can give you drops for the asurion .