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  1. 201 + Pin is required

    Currently I'm in South East Asia. If you wan't to try over here, hit me up.
  2. korea 201 and other DUMPS

    This is just a recycled dumps and keep sending to others for hoping might will work, such a beggar using his reputation immunity here to make him look like a real pro. Pffft You can read on this thread: https://club2crd.cc/showthread.php?t=21794 You will see here he is just buying those dumps and tried sending all over to people. Don't deal with this piece of shit; He will just keep giving you a negative rep. If his recycled bought dumps will not work. He uses his reputation just to cover his beggar life. Read here: https://crdclub.cc/showthread.php?p=130944#post130944
  3. Totally New in Forum

    Bro i sending you message on jabber after 3 hours in the morning start of the work. It was you went offline. Other than that i did nothing against with you. At first i was not asking you to work your belgium and korea dumps as i said that i haven't tried that BINS here. EDIT: I just noticed now the jabber i am using Dex@kode.im got server issue my messages was sent but it was late receive by receiver. Now on my selling thread i add another jabber as i experience miscommunication on this issue. But giving me negative rep right away is not a cool idea. You should talk like a real man first.
  4. Totally New in Forum

    Hello World! I'm glad i was on this forum, I'm new into foruming but I'm old in real carding and transfers like 419 scheme. Before i use to skim my own dumps with hand skimmers, I never tried buying dumps on shop before. But now times change and everything was messed up, now its hardly to do hand skimming here in Asia. Until i decided to go online and look for best answers i could found. Now i am writing this since i don't have enough idea in Dumps Shop Online Seller's. Here's my question ( please be gentle guys ) 1. Seriously 101's in Dumps Online Vendor's is still real deal or recycled stuffs? 2. I don't ask for BIN'S I'm sure nobody wants to share their BIN'S. I am working in Asia so any advice's what to look for when buying dumps online? Like countries,bases, debit or credit, level's, types of banks. 3. I know we have a lot of dumps vendor here and each one of them is best with their own specialty, but you guys can recommend me a vendor with high approval rate of dumps that works here in Asia? I have so many questions in my mind but helping me with this 3 questions is a great help for me and i really appreciate your effort to answer this. By the way this 3 questions are intended for 101, 121 dumps only. I can work 201 (old method) but at the moment its not on my priority list. I am sorting things one at a time so it wouldn't mixed up. Hope someone will take time to read and help me with this. Thank you and more power crdclub!
  5. We have Wu and Xoom Insiders

    Dex@jabber.at i did not receive also on PM Добавлено через 3 минуты 49 секунд I will tell you when you can send the info once i got the info it will be payout like almost automatic or say like 5mins. Speak on jabber.
  6. We have Wu and Xoom Insiders

    Having problem with your transfer got canceled? Having problem looking for fast drop pickers that accept Any name transfer? Having problem looking for serious people working on transfer? We are an ASIAN Team and we are working on different types of FRAUDS and operating all over ASIA. Now we are bringing you a guaranteed direct insider contact on Western Union Asia and XOOM Asia. Now all your transfer problem is solved!. ONLY FOR REAL SERIOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY INTO THIS TRANSFER JOB. For 100% Smooth transaction as always, CRDCLUB ESCROW is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Don't contact me if you only keep asking but less action; I am not a newscaster to keep talking,answering and telling you News. Please help me not to waste my time and your time too. For inquiries talk on Jabber: Dex@jabber.at
  7. ATM Pinpad

    i am speaking with smurf. Its not for public.
  8. ATM Pinpad

    Just got back from holiday, Now back into business,waiting for you on whatsapp/telegram.
  9. ATM Pinpad

    Ask BlackMass as i sent him a video. And if your serious buying this i can send you a video or even live cam.
  10. ATM Pinpad

    can do different language.
  11. ATM Pinpad

    Open for business for those serious people with money on hand.
  12. ATM Pinpad

    1.5mm Diebold 2.0mm NCR Battery last 7 days powered on continuously
  13. ATM Pinpad

    ATM Pinpad PIN reader. Selling for Serious People with money on hand. Deal on CRDCLUB ESCROW (Recommended). Payment thru Bitcoin Only. Contact for pricing. Important Notice: Send PM here first to make sure you are dealing with real. My Only Contact Info: Jabber: Dex@jabber.at ( Use this Jabber if you can't get reply on my first jabber.) Battery last for 7 days powered on continuously (Depends on how it's being used) What included: Software Cable Diebold NCR
  14. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    PM Replied Before adding me on jabber please PM first your JABBER ID to avoid spam contacts.