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    Ultimate Beginner :It's Just the begining: I am new member to this forum, I will make this as short as possible. While most of the people are swimming in surfaceweb, Here we are searching something in DARKWEB. My country have no cyber security restrictions.Most of the People are don't know technical things. But they use technical stuff, For example 1.they use visa card only to withraw money. They don't know about PP and other stuffs. 2.Use fb to only chat. 3.they use smart phone only to call,message and play games. 4.Still people are using XP in some offices. 5.Banks also using Windows OS, Without updated and pirated version. My country system have lot of vulnerabilities. these are not going to repaired, because no one is going to steal. Once I reveal some vulnerabilities to big company. They don't care about it. Why I am saying this is I am looking for partner to do a some work in my country. If someone need a asian dealer or worker, contact me. anyone can contact me do a real business in my country, Here i can CC cash out very causually, without suspicious .because most of ATM's don't have proper security camera. in dark web i can't trust anyone that i learned through experience.I think there is few people left. I born this country its not my fault,at age 15, i used pc only to play games. but now teen is creating ransomware. I felt this most of time, I feel like alone here, Because no one is capable of mindset. With a proper contacts i can achieve more. Don't think that I am dump. For country like mine I am the most expertise that i can tell for sure.I can't live in this pond. I want to jump to sea.Guys please Help me, Educate me.I am curious in learning new things.I am a quick learner. Give me Opportunities. with my experience i am not ready to cheated by someone again. I Feel like finally got the place where I should be. Seriously openly saying that I want to earn big money in dark net, but i am not greedy.Already I lost some BTC. Already i seen some forgeries on dark net market.Here most of the onion links are spam .with my surfing i found this forum as useful.Here also most of the guys are Russian,I am struggling to understand Russian language. I request to SENIOR MEMBERS to help junior members like me. please provide some useful onion links, share knowledge and experience with us. I already seen lot of guys already done in this forum,also i am suggesting make way for begginers and give hope like us. I can't rely on my parents anymore.I want to make real money to fulfill my needs. Please guys Contact me ASAP. SPAMMERS AND TIME WASTERS STAY AWAY. PM me interested guys. my JID badass@jabber.at THANK YOU FOR READING!! cheers
  2. i m in asia i want to make money!

  3. Noob question

  4. Noob question

    YES, MY country don't have chip cards