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  1. Western Union Verified Accounts for sell

    Let me know, If you have Checkers ???

    This Guy is Fucking Lazy and a Time Waster. I gave a $900 MTCN On USA, Texas. Fucking He didn't picked up from 2 days, though the MT was live still. Such a Time Waster he is.
  3. We have Wu and Xoom Insiders

    @handsome17 did you find anyone good, myself devilrockyjess bro.
  4. Need INDIAN Cashout

    Iam ready for cashout D P at India, If you have serious Work. For Reputation you can visit my profile.
  5. Western Union PICKUP CHINA

    I can pickup WU ANY NAME for Country - India
  6. ha ha ha...lol Fucking Bitch. This guy doesn't know how to Work with Bank Accounts. He uses only 1 transaction per account like amount $1k-$2k with Xoom and that's it. No more Work with that account again he can use. Don't have any Trick to bypass Xoom with Some Good Methods.... He did this work on my given Bank account for Phillipnes :- XAJMTXPJ - $1000 USD/ 50,700.00 PHP sender - Ma Ramona David El Paso, US-TX XAJM6YV5 500$ = 25,405.00 PHP sender - christopher davis Gloucester, US-VA And for this he Got his Cut 50% in BTCs, from me on 23rd March. https://blockchain.info/tx/9eb60475b...64c6aca33de936 - here it is the link for btc sent to him his cut $750. Then on same day, he asked me another fresh bank account of Metro Bank, BDO Bank, which are instant credit banks with Xoom for phillipnes. I asked him to do on Indian Bank Accounts which i do have more on Bulk. and I gave him 3 Indian Bank accounts to work with Xoom. I was unware that among those 3 bank drop accounts which i gave him, already maybe 1 bank account has been used before with Xoom. Rest 2 bank drops were Full Virgin with Xoom. But this Fucking Moron is now claiming that I give him already used Bank Account with Xoom and now he is asking me $200 Compensation for this. Fucking LOL.... I am a pro Maker/Cashier for WU with Any Name as well as for WU to Bank Accounts too, which are insatant credit with Any Indian banks if done with CCs. I have a full Organized and my own team of 32 guys. They makes everyday money with me. like these amounts :- MTCN : 6561598888 $2000 /128759 INR Sender - Michael Davies 89905 Manion, Warrenton, OR 97146 Receiver - Nicholas Lello, India --------------- On Any Name MTCN : 4713899290 $2000 /128759 INR Sender - Michael Davies 89905 Manion, Warrenton, OR 97146 Receiver - Nicholas Lello, India mtcn : 4840221495 amt : $2890/187131.19 INR Account No - 081801505886 Account Name - Satish Pal, ICICI banks ------------------ On Indian bank Accounts. mtcn : 8714559904 amt : $2890/187131.19 INR Account No - 081801505886 Account Name - Satish Pal, ICICI banks I work in volumes every day with my fully organized Team. And this fucking Bastard always got his cut before time in BTCs. And now this fucking guy is asking a $200 Compensation for just because, I by mistake gave him a already used Bank Drop with Xoom. Rest with other 2 bank drops, he maked them burned. I had given him so many instant bank accounts which he maked burnt with Xoom, but i never asked him a single Penny for that. What a fucking Knutt he is. So this is the Full Story. and now he pretends to make a scam report. ha ha ha.. BIG BIG LOL.
  7. KolegaBTC is a bloody Mother Fucker. Very Cheap RIPPER. Guys don't work with him for any deal.
  8. CHASE good

    What About Email Access ?
  9. need people in India for WU

    I am ready to put money in escrow. Let me know when you can start WU with India. I can cash Any Name WU with india.