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  1. I worked with many people... good cvv is used in some Europqan countries. cashout very big money..I saw checks.. and good European dumps, including China... If necessary, i give pm couple of branded stores...just for thanks
  2. Minkenry - N/A

    this fucking ripper was talking bad about many verifed shops, including my shop... i understand what reputation means little... i sincerely regret friend..
  3. no need to deceive people cheat! Checker for all buyers are the same! The card is automatically checking after your request! It was done yesterday! The results of the checker in the shop are not in dispute. Are you trying to fool here, because you just got unlucky with two cards. lol. I'm not going work with you. I returned $ 100 on your account. Want to spend them or go to another shop if you don't like something. I have many buyers, and I'm not going to waste time on you
  4. Omg))) I have all the proof that this man is stupid.. this strange guy wanted to buy dumps. added 300$ to shop. I see 4 request refunds: 1 Dump: 00 approved and copleted 2 Dump: Pickup 3 Dump: 57 decline 4 Dump: 05 decline http://c2n.me/3QibcJW According to rules of the shop, I did refund for stolen card (pick up). For 00 approved and completed, I don't have to do refund, as card working. For declines 05 and 57 in the rules of shop written - NO REFUND!!!! Only some on the decision of the admin!!! In the end I returned the 100$ on his account. http://c2n.me/3QiblPD This guy is asking me to return ALL HIS MONEY. lol? What the hell am I supposed to return money to person if I did everything according to the rules of store? What is the fault? That people can't read rules before purchase. I often make refund for 05 and 57 declines for good buyers. BUT this guy TOLD ME LOTS OF SHIT when I LOST INTERNET!!!! What do you think? I want him to do something good??? Why other buyers that buy from me for more than a year not telling me shit? they read rules, buy and always say thank you! I WORK WITH EACH BUYERS INDIVIDUALLY! If I get good, then I'm giving him something good! This guy is really stupid! He thinks he has more privileges than others. He was unlucky with two dumps, but I returned other two!! I showed everyone screenshots! I work with many people and this idiot will not stop my business! I have all proofs hat this guy is not right! I have all screenshots of his purchases, requests refund and money on account! READ RULES OF THE SHOP! REFUNDS SYSTEM We don't refund stuff from latest updates Not refunds for "00 Approved and Completed" and "51 Insufficient Funds" Refunds "05 Decline and 57 Decline" ONLY for Best customers! We refund following codes: 14 INVALID CARD NUMBER 80 INVALID DATE 93 DECLINE ALL HOLDS AND PICKUP
  5. обычные карты можешь проверить на валид, но не на баланс) везде рандом... где 1$, а где 5000$... по какой стране то собираешься рабоать?
  6. Продай кому это надо. И человеку пользу принесешь, и сам немного прибыли загребешь))