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  1. authorization citibank

    i have the track2 . we can work together with % if any one can authorization visa and master contactme only PM THANKS
  2. Audio Decode software

    there are many soft one of this company is stoped to sell ,

    send me your contect

    hello is normal bro becase you are using SDA , and the aquieres blocked transaction offline at this amount , when you put high amount the pos contact the issue to approved by online transaction
  5. X2 EMV upgrade software

    http://www120.zippyshare.com/v/EsqVxOMB/file.html dont pay nothing is free
  6. How to generate ARQC

    maybe before i didnt but now yes i do , i remeber when you was talking shit in another nick you were stole the pple each arcq 1500 dollors jajajajaja oh my god , keep write any thing you like the people knows who are you this is one of many post 100 % , deal escrow with chipso from original seller and you will be satisfied, i guarantee you. all these on google and spreading here are bullshits software nothing works, all of it !! chipso is ripper ripper ripper ripper ripper ripper ho many time i have to to write it fuck him is big ripper and plase dont come man here again speak shit about you and about chipso be sure chipso is ripper Добавлено через 10 минут 11 секунд Each EMV transaction request is supposed to contain ARQC, which is a cryptogram generated from the transaction data. In the context of EMV, a cryptogram can be thought of as a digital signature on the financial transaction. A valid, verifiable cryptogram tells you two things: the financial message originated from the source that it claims to be from the contents of the message have not been altered There are two cryptograms used in EMV: ARQC (Authorisation Request Cryptogram) and ARPC (Authorisation Response Cryptogram). The first one, ARQC, is generated by the card (after taking some values from the terminal), and hence it's part of a request message. The second one, ARPC, is generated by the issuer and hence it's part of a response message. Steps for ARQC Generation There are four basic steps to ARQC generation: Card Key Derivation Session Key Derivation Preparation of Input Data in ARQC Calculation Encryption/ Hashing (the final step that gives the ARQC) Restating the above list, the first step is to derive the card key and then use the card key to derive a session key. In parallel, we need to prepare some data and then encrypt that data with the session key derived in the previous step. Exact details vary from one chip program to another! Step 1 and 2: Card and Session Key Derivation When a card is out in the field, it already contains Issuer Master Key. But to create an ARQC for a particular transaction, two new keys are required: the first key is called Card Key and the second key is called Session Key. Each EMV scheme (such as M/Chip and Visa) has its own algorithm for generation of the card key and/ or the session key. Some of these algorithms are standardized and part of the EMV specification while some others are proprietary with the vendor. The Card Key is unique to the card and the Session Key is unique to the transaction. It's Session Key which is used for the final encryption in step 4. Step 3: Data Preparation In parallel to the key derivation as described above, an important step of ARQC generation is “preparation of input data”, mentioned as point #3 in the list above. Once again, which EMV tags are concatenated to prepare this input data is EMV scheme specific. Step 4: ARQC Generation Finally, once the Session Key and Input Data are ready, the Input Data is encrypted using the Session Key to give the ARQC.
  7. How to generate ARQC

    bro for make that you have to check in ist that tags 9f02 9f03 9fa1 95 5f2a 9A 9C 9F37 82 9F36 9F10
  8. 201EMV SDK software

    man don worry about if they put for negative or not , many pple here knows who is good and whos is not
  9. 201EMV SDK software

    frist markchip14 is ripper becase any seller like to sell soft without making test is fucker ripper put that in your mind and i not mexicana you are Stupid , iam not selling here soft, tell me you dont understand english ,i asking to buy soft i will rippe my self lol tell me something you why you have new registar , one becase you are new in the game , or you trying to riipe any one becase you change registar alot any way think as you like and be happy
  10. 201EMV SDK software

    lol to much words bro bro let me talking you , put here the histroy in your icq , for see if you talking truth about the dumps , i never ask from any body becase i told to every body that i have more than 8k static dumps and no need 201, what i do that all the time i travel and i asked you to meeting in mexico but you never do that , and many time i tryed to write you and you we test many time and not working in your country , any way man contect me please in icq , i will put all my knowledge here . the problem i can share, any one can share too that my question , please if i do bad the things with you , iam really sorry maybe i see that busness in other eyes and you see diffrenet in some part you have the reson man , sorry again frount of all pple , when some person has good things must share
  11. 201EMV SDK software

    your problem that you need every thing free. that the problem man , and i dont remeber you as you talk , read the post good man . i asked to any person come here and selling good soft,and i think many pple can buy , iam asking to buy soft not like you need free , about the soft that i have maybe here in the country, where iam not work but belive me out side my country i sure is working well . what i do, i dont like to travel about home but you know if you going and searching in internet and use google good you can find alot of tech and that i do , soon i got here again in country , bro you cant wait any one to send you free . again i say if any body has good soft for my country welocme i pay good money for that , maybe i save my time in school of nfc and emv bro belive me , you must study emv . ready book1 , book2 book3. and if admin let me put here i can share that all . and many things too for help thx for your post man before i finsh , you said ( I can see you are now frustrated like the rest of us. Hahaha.Join the queue man.) how you can think that you are frustrated like you , bro keep it up trying and trying and trying , if you trying daliy i think some day you will got what you like , not (waitting one like me to share you free ) loser
  12. 201EMV SDK software

    i dont know why is hard to find any tech of emv can make fucking real soft and can sell it , only coming here rippers fuckers to sell shit , iam really sure if any reall soft every body can buy and make escrow , at this moment few 101 usa and worldwide too , and few months there are no way to find 101 , so all online shop of dumps what are they going to do with 201. i think owners of shop must pay to find some person can make the soft and given free for carders to work i have more than 10k dumps and all static but no fucking soft , or iam thinking to make Soup with this dumps
  13. EMV software

    hello every buddy as i said before in many post now a day is difficult the emv . why SDA is finish in market so the are no transaction offline as before and if you find that the floor limte is less 20 dollars depend the bank . now all transaction is going online and for got approvation you have to got the IMAC to got the autenticación with IMAC IN THE bank . some time you can work becase depend the POS not configured correctly , example * Derivation Key (DK) - Authentication 61616161616161617070707070707070 * Derivation Key (DK) - Issuer Script 57575757575757573636363636363636 * Unique DEA Key - Authentication 104597E5A4A7A77308FB2F6204806820 * Unique DEA Key - Issuer Script 94FB8AD6AEFD26F7FD767A527929021C like this you have to got to work in chip any one need to know more about this go to google and there are 4 books about emv and read about it . believe guys i worked good in chip and it is nice and the last time i worked in chip before 6 month and i have proof but the bank will stop it . i have very big knowledge in emv but nothing to do if you dont have that information because each bin has IMAC it is very very hard to find it only if your father the president of the bank ( that the true maybe some persons will put me bad reputation because iam saying the true as before , because many persons like to rippe , sorry friends *i dont have nothing to sell maybe some people come here and asking so dont lose time and dont lose your money and good like
  14. ARQC

    Amount 000000000000 Amount Other 000000000000 Country Code 0000 TVR 0000000000 Currency Code 0000 Transaction Date 000000 Transaction Type 00 Unpredict Number 00000000 AIP 0000 ATC 0000 IAD 06010A03A00000 RC 00 MDKAC ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ARQC ARPC
  15. 2XX+pin

    wowo man you who is writting emv and good , so let me telling you something i will share you dumps and tell your friend to do it and show us video and make escrow and you will got now 100o buyers in one day