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  1. The Truth, tron - N/A

    member name: Tron is a clone and operates under another name the "The Truth" Member page: https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=112324 Member page: https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=114128 Proof available upon request but im sure admin can sort this out without me having to do so. as far as i know members cannot have more than one account and he has clearly violated these rules. he has been spamming my page with bullshit accusations and i have had about enough.
  2. illuminated - icq 697425496

    oh wow "bk style" ammmmm good luck with that...admin at your earliest convenience please deal with this crazy person. good day
  3. illuminated - icq 697425496

    so after careful analysis i have deduced this to one simple thing tron=thetruth=iambjorg all the same person with multiple accounts here to sabotage my business. user has made several clones to do this and made up a fictitious chat logs that clearly are not my icq and trys to get me banned all because i insulted you? lol
  4. illuminated - icq 697425496

    take screen shots clearly showing my icq and that which u posted! post these edited text. aint no one banning me. u are a clone ikely of some banned member, im certain ul be the banned one shortly lol
  5. illuminated - icq 697425496

    this shit is so funny lol...Admin once and for all ask for screen shot of this purported conversation. i have never seen or heard of this retard in my life, why all of this because i put you in your place? lol. clone get the fuck out of here
  6. illuminated - icq 697425496

    yawn, man no one cares about what u do. please get the fuck out of here. dont u see not even the fucking admin gives a fuck about ur retarded tirades of nothingness? YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL!!!!! BANNED MEMBER!!!
  7. illuminated - icq 697425496

    Delusions of grandeur plain and simple. you are on a carding forum and saying as god as ur witness lol truly sad. you need to be committed to a mental institution. this topic is as good as closed. I do not know you nor do i care to address this topic a day longer. logs u provided proves what? little boy u can have a whole long chat with ur self, u can make uo an icq and change an icq to name to "donalld trump" and say u spoke to him if u so choose. get a life looser.
  8. illuminated - icq 697425496

    u need to fuck off. if there was a reason to ban me ammmm i think i would be banned already. no one knows u, no one cares about you go back and make some more accounts on this forum. what did you tell that cunt you would blow him to leave a negative comment lol. you are a banned member with multiple clones on this board. you are making allegations of ripping because i told you to fuck off? keep typing ur heart away kid because i aint going ANYWHERE!!!!
  9. illuminated - icq 697425496

    you know me from where? lol man u guys are hilarious. im a "ripper" but you have no proof classic lol
  10. illuminated - icq 697425496

    little boy this is a fraud forum my exploits and accomplishments are not meant to be broadcasted. what should be broadcasted however is that U ARE A BANNED MEMBER THAT USES MULTIPLE CLONES TO TRY TO TARNISH MY REP BECAUSE U WERE INSULTED. hold this L
  11. illuminated - icq 697425496

    you are a banned member: https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg i do not know you..how many languages do i need to speak? not even the fucking admin is bothering with you smh. please make some more clones
  12. illuminated - icq 697425496

    yawn...ok banned member:
  13. illuminated - icq 697425496

    yawn my track record and my clients are not in question. this is getting old. you are a banned member: https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg nuff said
  14. illuminated - icq 697425496

    banned member: https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg nuff said
  15. illuminated - icq 697425496

    what u need is a mental health clinic. imdome witjh this...u are a banned member that needs help. https://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg