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  1. I Blocked and Deleted all History with you.. You keep adding from different telegrams why dont you talk about that. Ripper your . time is . coming . soon.
  2. Fucking Liar! He sent me Account 3 Days Before Funding.. I got Msg and Replied to him 1 Day After Sending. Took me a day to do the Job. Next Day Funds! This guy . goes around giving 10 people the same account and using different profiles . begging like a poor ripper even after admitting to the fact. Ban him mak!

    can load overnight 2k pm telegram if you wanna go
  4. Постоянно покупаю One Vanilla Prepaid . ( USA) Pm
  5. One Vanilla

    i Buy All Instant. Any Amount. PM
  6. @moneyman115 There you go mak! .....
  7. Hello Mak, Im looking forward to seeing . this ripper leave the forum mate. if he cannot pay up.
  8. First he made : @futurelater I blocked . Him.. He Pm'd Me 10 times . then Added me from another : @futurelaters This Guy is just Sick! Begging for 1 more Job. willing to give me . 80% . Just Look at Sign in and Log out Time for those two accounts you will see. Thnks mak
  9. This Mf. Created NEW USER : https://carding.ug/member.php?u=190183 . Trying to Get more Work. FUCK YOU
  10. You are FULL of Bullshit. If you Make these Online like its nothing why would you need to give SAME account to multiple People.
  11. LINK TO PROFILE : https://carding.ug/member.php?u=95747 USERNAME : FATBOY111 STARTED . THE BULLSHIT THIS WAY! (ATTACHED SCREENSHOT) I did $1600 ACH to this MF! He gave me an account with negative. ( . -$2100) Some Bounced Check he tried or Someshit. I have all evidence to send Admin via PM. Beware of this Time Waster. Claim $800 USD my Share 50% as Agreed! GTFO FATBOY111
  12. give me telegram we can work daily