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  1. SSNDOB.CC Still working????????????????

    Thanks for the info bro. appreciated
  2. SSNDOB.CC Still working????????????????

    please help . anyone using this site ?
  3. SSNDOB.CC Still working????????????????

    Haven't use ssndob.cc for a long time. I have found the correct SSN , I only see there is a "buy "button over there, what's the price ? I have $3 balance in there, not enough? So what's the price then? Anyone knows? And what's the minimum funds should I top up? $10 ? $100? I have sent tickets , but no one replied , been 3 days. Please help . I really need that specific SSN.
  4. Old school ebay fake listing scam

    antideteced , normal browswer, I used everything. changed MAC and everything.
  5. Old school ebay fake listing scam

    Hey guys, anyone here still doing ebay fake listing scam? make a attractive fake lising , when someone bought your item, money get into your first paypal , then transfer to your drop to cashout. Two ways, first one is to use hacked ebay account, 2nd is to make a new ebay account, I'm talking about the 2nd one here, because the first one cost more money (to buy hacked ebay lol) I know people are still doing it at now days, especially chinese. Almost every fake listing is made by chinese lol . I tried a row, accounts get suspended one after another immediately after product loaded. I'm not selling anything electronic, just life supplies. I tried like 10 accounts. I asked around and people telling me that I need to do it in bulk, like 10/100 will live. I mean... really ? Our opponent is the ebay security control system, can I really get 10 live account eventually? There must be some tricks here. Who can help please?
  6. Paypal security check (SMS & phone verification) pops up when 1. log in account 2. send payment I'm talking about the first scenario there are many links ,(mostly a error page ) can bypass quick check when log in. the old one I used is this https://service.getcontrol.co/oauth/connect/paypal no longer working . Anyone has such link please let me know. tele @littleears
  7. Verizon 2019 TUT TESTED and Working

    looking for partners tho, there is a chance that I can get one time password from target phone number.