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  1. 1-Dip Blanks Or Face

    So the 1dip works at every register in every store and it just is a matter if the dump has balance or not ?
  2. Deciding between Online / Instore

    Ok cool well im mus askin casue dumps was always easy in trykn figure out if theres still some life left to it even if use 201s n any advide im all ears i dont wana invest if its not worth it
  3. Deciding between Online / Instore

    Question y is instore swiping dead what is wrong what if i find good 101s ?
  4. plastics???

    Are u 1 dipping these cards ? Or how are you using them bro
  5. im newbie. help me please

    Why ? You gettin orders from walmart ready for pickup ? If so show proof because i did 20k in walmart n thats the only store i wana master for same day pickup u big boss tho so show me with ya 5 inch penis big boss . U must like it up the ass how much i know about you
  6. im newbie. help me please

  7. How do carders do it?

    Maybe you got the cemetary oasis wromg in the calibasrerstyke with rhe rdp tastokm of the lone inside da cvv
  8. Chinese carders, converge here!

    I wana be chinese so bad plz help me u guys always know how to make real money
  9. Take care...

    Lebowski how can i pm you bro because i need your knowledge and lil bit if help i am willing to do wahtever you say pay up or however . I like to invest
  10. Noob question

    Is it worth buyin 101s to use or no ? ..
  11. GOOD BIN ?

    Use bin 366653 i hit fot 35k the other day in a bodega with th lakers got me feelin like im mj with my js on