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  1. card reader

    True talk, only renting is possible
  2. Dump - Re-enter transaction code

    Region lock
  3. Non-EMV Countries

    Bros, Any thought on the best countries without EMV for cash 201s ? What about US ? Non-EMV atm are still findable there ? Central America ? Caribean ? Asia ? Africa ?
  4. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    Samsung Galaxy S4, cheap in second hand, perfect for the job
  5. Сashier d+p

    And again a professional ! All atm are emv there since 2016...
  6. Сashier d+p

    201 still work in Thai ?
  7. p.o.s skimmer

    Or to kill himself
  8. NEED D+P 201 Cashout

    Everybody want cashout but cant do simple thing like read that the offer is not actual anymore...
  9. NEED D+P 201 Cashout

    -CLOSED- No need more rippers, liers, kids, dreamers. Im full of them.