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  1. Partner cashout

    Pm me credit card instant / next day shit
  2. ACH Next Day $2k

    i got drops add up lixkill@exploit.im or lixkill@jabber.at
  3. Astralia , usa , papypal drops available

    hello i have the following drops 1 australia 2 US 3 paypal i am very old member i know the rules 50/50 time wasters fuck off add lixkill@exploit.im thanks
  4. Сналю PAYPAL

    i can also help with paypal cashout fast .. clean paypal only .. preferably from paypal credit account .. send PM for contact
  5. Ищу дропы AU Автстралия

    i got australian drops add me in jabber 50/50 lixkill@exploit.im fast
  6. i neeed usa bank drops up to 40-50k

    usa drops lixkill@exploite.im OTR
  7. Lixkill - @Nealairforce

    i am sure admin will close tread because i didn't rip same as he did for the last guy he report this is getting really silly man ... just move on .. rather than causing drama here .. okay
  8. Lixkill - @Nealairforce

    dumb ass we all know about sending e-checks like you did with the previous guy you worked with honestly i think you should be banned .. you are causing so much trouble here everyday
  9. Lixkill - @Nealairforce

    man i told you money reversed and drop killed you think i am lying to you .. everybody know here since 2016 i am not a ripper you come here today send a wack check .. lying its ach and kill drop ... you think i will be banned ???? Добавлено через 2 минуты 27 секунд when mak comes here you will understand its even clear that you sent a check and lying its ach .. and if you have resent it .. it would have cleared .. but you are too hot head to understand .. everybody complaining about you ... you are the problem
  10. i can work this for you 50/50 add jabber lixkill@exploit.im
  11. Залью Zelle

    i got zelle bro lets work together ... lixkill@exploit.im
  12. PayPal + Credit

    i sent you jabber in PM