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  1. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    Bro look stop the drama . This is a 2018 deal which you later want me to be a book keeper of histories I have already told the admin to look into this and make his verdict stop crying. You can't out smart me because I am the only person that have that drop and you are the only person to start shipping cards to the same drop I don't have time for argument and stuffs You did this it declined good What about the others you did after the deal was cut off that was approved which I did not bother to send to you Pls admin react to this It's simple I am always good to other people and have always been here since yrs I don't have much time because you are just crying loud thinking you will get a penny. I fucking know what I am talking about and me as a street dude ain't gonna bow to intimidation and compulsion simple
  2. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    Bro I don't have time Pls check this image of one of the letters I was still able to see from the same bank you tried sending that was declined. You did that bank on 3 names bro this deal is 2018 and you don't expect me to be a library of books to save chats and history. Bro you are not getting a penny See my proof admin take your actions I don't have the time debate https://imgur.com/a/utf1FJt
  3. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    My comment goes like all I have said in the chat. Look into it and make your verdict. For his money it's been used to service the drops I used for his shitty 15 cards he sent and abandoned then proceeded to use it without my knowledge only to see charge back letter from same name he used in shipment period
  4. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    Look you ain't getting penny from the money I will use the money to settle your mess I don't have time for argument nor drag shit. You tried to play smart it didn't work fine for you these deal was last far back Which I never remembered you can go such length and you forgot those letters will come. You made me run away from my friends because they think I was just an asshole using their drops to do darkweb then nothing still charge letter came I am signing out admin take your action Those that works with me always comes back You never had deals you are just trying to use real cashiers to make You broke end deals meet Добавлено через 2 минуты 39 секунд Get that at the back of your mind. You ain't getting penny if I have found out I would have seized the money I sent you last. I ain't joking here is a face-off don't be smart to real people lesson to be learnt
  5. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    https://imgur.com/a/TrT91ny Добавлено через 1 минуту 17 секунд Stop with your episode epistle You send 15 cards to drop you declined dealing Don't you know drops get paid smart greedy fool Добавлено через 2 минуты 37 секунд 15 card that came in almost 6 different name including the FLYNN. ANYWAYS I AM OFF THIS I KNOW YOU ARE PAINED I MADE THIS DISCOVERY. SORRY MAN Добавлено через 1 минуту 58 секунд I sent many cards to you front and back each time it comes. I don't have time for words so deal with it . I can't type. Have deal with people 10k 15k Russians and many more you tried to play me and I caught you don't cry bro deal with it
  6. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    Proof of a card he sent to drop he used at my back Then again address the issue of sending almost 15 fraudulent cards then he said no deal Добавлено через 1 минуту 1 секунду
  7. dream1 - @greatdealsxxx

    Son of a Bitch used my drop I don't have time to talk much because he tried to play a smart move on me. Shipped close to 15 bank cards to my drop address and suddenly say I should destroy them. I have been avoiding my pals I used the addresses for shipment till today basically on my way to pay this son of a Bitch after a successful first deal without problems I dashed in on one of my drops then all was unveiled that he is using accounts and statements was sent to drop about the transactions from the card he sent since under the name SERTH J FLYNN I can send admin all the chats and all the history of cards he sent and many more he sent which we have destroyed because he said he ain't interested in deals which is a breach to start with using drops then ditching deal after fraudulent cards was shipped over and over like 15 times can't comprehend anymore
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