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  1. Need a method..

    Hahahah lol
  2. Carding with Linux :)

    I use Virtual Machines. U did not read well or understand my thread. Plz read well Добавлено через 1 минуту 54 секунды I am using Linux in VM. I run win7 pro as primary OS on laptop. Maybe I will change from Win7 to Qubes OS. I will test Qubes soon... I was using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS distribution
  3. Carding with Linux :)

    Anyone carding online using linux? Any advantages / disadvantages to it? I use it sometimes and run cleaner, macchanger, etc. through terminal / as opposed to Windows softwares. (I like this - linux is faster to start new client from 0 - however if u clone VM's it doesn't matter). Can't say if this OS improves succes rate or declines. Anyone with feedback / praise on their OS feel free to post here
  4. Which is best success?

    Everything work bro. Just need test and test more. U must try becoz no one will expose the methods they have work hard to find to random person on forum u know? I suggest u read then test a lot. U will find method and way to make money belive me.
  5. Canada DROPS

    Canada DROPS avail. Plz contact by PM with ur offer. We will work safely and use escrow if needed. Plz don't waste time. Only PM if u know ur stuff THX.