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  1. Looking for shop w cheap good credit fullz

    http://n1name.su has good fullz
  2. LongMoney, Share me some bins for dumps with pin. Thanks in advance Send in PM
  3. rivanduong, Carder007.net have fire RDP
  4. Magic dumps weekend result: California mix 66/100, 350-450 swipe China 101 28/50 1300- 1800 swipe A Joker for dumps weekend result: Maryland mix 7/20 no refund. made good profit tho A Santa my specific bin 6/10 eu bin 800-1000 swipe A
  5. You right bro. Show proof @Topper Johnson
  6. Ya'll don't fuck listen to Toper Johnson, He don't know what he saying this proof of MsgicDumps . His a Cerifieed vendor on omerta and have good feedbacks This proof: http://prntscr.com/g8v6zj
  7. 32/50 EU run for the day 14/40 China mix kinda made good profit Magic dumps A
  8. when we help one another everybody wins, I'm fucking with Joker/Santa/MagicDumps right moment. I Vouch for magic cause he kept me winning all this month.. Any bin that swing for 2k ?