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  1. OK any legit person in here with good USA bank. I am looking to do weekly deposit from my drop. So fund is clean You must be able to send me my cut in Btc. Please only serious people this long term money
  2. Hello as the title posted . Looking to work with anyone with a website that needs carding working for 60/40. You 60 me 40
  3. Bank accounts

    do u know how to cash them out
  4. Joker. Question Without Answer

    I think you are over thinking it and a little bit paranoid. What do you think the cops would be doing if there were no criminal in the world. Even folks like Brian Krebs enjoy fraud indirectly , they love the excitement and thrill they get from cracking down fraudsters, they wanna take credit for good things they want to be seen as the good guy that messes up the bad guys plan, its the same reasons he post on his blog and discusses with his blog commenters , if there were no people like jokerstash then his life would be a waste and boring cause whats there to secure if know one is attacking you