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  1. POS vs Cash Register

    Why do some carders prefer POS systems over regular cash registers? are POS systems more effective or most likely to work better than carding on a regular cash register? I noticed a lot of carders requesting cashiers or workers to use POS instead of going to normal cash registers.
  2. CPN

    What’s your icq? Добавлено через 48 секунд What’s your icq
  3. CPN

    does anyone know anything about CPNs and how to create them? after carding for a while I'm trying to move into something different. i know it take time to build CPNs but I need to know the basis of it, like where to go to get them or what program to use to create them, you know just all around knowledge on how to get this going. PM me if you think you can help
  4. Some starting questions

    it depends on the store, your location and the fraud activity in the area. some cashiers will let you swipe the card after realizing the chip isn't working, and some experienced ones wont even accept it if the chip doesnt work. the chip is still fairly new, and some people still have issues getting use to it. i see this in stores all the time. but on the other hand if you're in a location with a lot of fraud then yes not programming the chip can raise an eyebrow when doing in-store carding. not everyone have the program to activate the chip, so dipping until it prompt to swipe is a common method that just about everyone use. just be smart and pay close attention to the cashier and your surroundings when you have a 201 without a programmed chip. i see a guy up here who only use 101s just to be on the safe side and not have to deal with the chance on running into chip/dip issues. in all every time that we try to use a dump its a risk, just know the risk you are ready to take and be prepared for any possible situation.
  5. EU VS US

    for as long as I've been carding which been about almost 2 yrs now I've never had any real luck with EU dumps, but i do know that EU dumps usually go for higher amounts here in the US. Most I've got from a US dump is 3k nothing higher but i know some ppl who do way bigger numbers easy with EUs and use it multiple times before it cut off. why do EUs do larger amounts here in the US not the other way around. it seem like EUs will get you a hell of a lot more money than using US trash dumps for a couple hundred a swipe, if it even do that.
  6. is there a drought?

    seem like theres a drought nothing i buy off these sites work. Could it be my area or the sites just selling dirt? i feel like these dump sites are selling recycled or flagged dumps because its no reason why I'm buying new dumps and nnothing is working.
  7. 121 code

    have anyone ever used a 121 code dump? I've only used 101s and 201s but i see a dump i want to try and I'm not sure if i should use it because its a 121. whats the difference between 121 code and the normal 101s & 201s?

    i doubt it bro dumps been real shitty for a while. Every site seem to be selling recycled dumps and most of these sites are the same just with different names. I'm dying to find a new site/vendor with some fresh unused dumps but that seem like the hardest thing to do right now.
  9. Dump "Location of Use" Quetion

    from what I've told its best to use dumps in the location they are from but i have use dumps from other states in my state and it worked the same. i assume if you use it in the same location that its from theres a better chance of them working and less chance of the dumps being blocked. pm me we can exchange knowledge that can help us both been carding for about a year and half now I'm still learning as i go