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  1. iTunes -E-code

    have lots of us iTunes to sell, daily. 50$ each more than you can buy. pm me your contact details, only escrow !!! only escrow !!!!
  2. btckonvertbot - N/A

    that was an error in the post... i will post the details agin. but admin, ask yourself . is this way to treat a scam? check when i reported and whats ur active responses. don't forget someone else even show where this same guy use the same format to rip on another forum. i will post the pictures and u can see his TG,ID.
  3. btckonvertbot - N/A

    admin i pasted the logs in the beginning of this blacklist. including screenshots showing ..pm on this forum.
  4. btckonvertbot - N/A

    i provided all the details i have. he deleted his account on TG.
  5. btckonvertbot - N/A

    ok. you are right. but ripper cannot show me my PM and can't show his reply and then i get the same reply.
  6. btckonvertbot - N/A

    look at the conversation logs you can see his ID. admin why are you not seeing it?
  7. manual punching _Invoice link

    hey, i have got some good partners with years of business relationship. we can pay invoices we can provide only American express, for manual punching.... we can go 6 digits. we only work when you have escrow ready. its a timely deals lets hope we can make some good ones while it last. pm for more details.
  8. btckonvertbot - N/A

    Добавлено через 39 секунд is that clear enough?
  9. btckonvertbot - N/A

  10. btckonvertbot - N/A

    tg id: stolichnaya77
  11. Need Stripe or paypal charge maker

    put money in escrow, lots of active guys here...
  12. btckonvertbot - N/A

    all this is craps. i message you on forum and telegram, you replied on telegram showing me your account and my message. you replied me, via PM and showed me the same message, you send via PM. you meant turned a ghost and sent you all the screenshots from my account? stopp ripping, you are a confirmed ripper. admin this guy also broke the law of this forum, showing guest name and making it vulnerable to any snitch here. Добавлено через 17 минут 8 секунд toss a die
  13. btckonvertbot - N/A

    waiting for Admin!
  14. btckonvertbot - N/A

    (1)you ripper, you confirmed my sent PM by showing me a screenshot (2) you also told me you replied, sent me a screnshoot of your reply. (3) i deal with the telegram you posted on your advert. Добавлено через 4 минуты 16 секунд https://dropmefiles.com/T6gT4
  15. btckonvertbot - N/A