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  1. [BUY] ATM KEY wincor 1500xe and Wincor procash 280

    Hi i am looking for front panel key of wincor 1500xe and procash 280 , will buy if any member is selling it here or tell me the place where i can buy
  2. Indian POS

  3. Indian POS

  4. {BUY} Verifone GSM skimmer/firmware

    Hi as the title says i need verifone GSM version , pm me with offer or share jabber. Deal strictly through escrow
  5. How to check IP/Sock Blacklist Paypal, coinbase

    hi you can check you anonymity score with https://whoer.net/
  6. rdp of no use for ur setup, simple windowsvm vpn antidetect vip72 socks with this setuo ur good to go
  7. Verifone to bank account!

    i am also interested in the topic, ready to invest some $$$$ into this project if anybody has an idea
  8. Selling Vidar logs

    Selling Vidar logs - 302 bots world mix 13.06 -14.06 dates Logs were never touched price 200$ A guarantor is welcome 50/50. i only sell in bulk, i dont search your links
  9. Gas Pump Skimmer Wanted

    i can make one if you are seriously interested , getting data from card reader is not difficult but getting data from pinpad will be difficult if its encrypted so many people use overlays for pinpad, but i am not sure how serious you need, i dont charge anything, can help u for free if you want to experiment what u will need to get started is to find specific model of gas pump which is mostly used and its internal working(limited to card transaction flow) like can you open the pump with master key and insert the device to communication channel or you want to go with overlays its quite a task to start from scratch may be it will be easy for you to find already working pump skimmers but if you want to make one all you need is atmega serial flash Nrf plastic overlays
  10. ATM Pinpad

    problem with dex i dont know what happend to this guy, i purchased twice from him , everything went smooth for the last 2 transactions , when i sent 3rd time he started acting, its been 2 months nothing i received
  11. Workers Needed to install My skimmers :-)

  12. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    pm sent with my jabber contact
  13. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    so far no good
  14. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    thanks stiga, i already message him, but there is no reply from him any other reliable sellers?
  15. ATM pinpad - [BUY]

    Hi, as the title says i am looking for atm pinpad sellers for both diebold and NCR will pay via BTC and only deal with forum escrow regards smurf