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  1. Terminal 6?

    https://www.alibaba.com/product-deta...2fdc56952dJ9Wc PIC18F26K20-I/ML QFN-28 chip is main chip in center. 2nd chip top right marked 45DB321E is 32-Mbit DataFlash (with Extra 1-Mbits), 2.3V Minimum SPI Serial Flash Memory https://www.adestotech.com/wp-conten...ds/doc8784.pdf
  2. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    https://osdn.net/projects/sfnet_nfcp...oxy-0.1.1.apk/ File Size 65,396 bytes MD5 345b698025d87ee525168bfbd3626ca5 It is the nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 or 9.1 you need to use to get it to work.
  3. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    That is correct Mifare i think is correct.
  4. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    yes is for the NFC but I do not have copy of this available you might find online somewhere but I cannot recall where this is available. I know some people have some valid work with proxmark equipment but running on custom FW and SW. If I can find I will throw copy
  5. RFID NFC Card Cloning

    You issue is cards use NFC not RFID for this it is packet switched to the one freq and no freq-shifted. The RFID is only a passive system which makes very easy to copy and clone. Now NFC is active system and is with exchange of cryptographic and transactions counter which in turn make the copy of the chips very pointless with the right stuff you can read some of the NFC but not enough to copy the card is not possible. https://anonfile.com/Tfd553Z7m0/Scre...6_17-12-19_png
  6. RFID NFC Card Cloning

  7. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    yes is a design available online but requires attention leave this for people to check https://github.com/salmg/AudioSpoof/...r/AudioSpoof.c
  8. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    Working new design also working on TRI-Device. NFC-Bluetooth-Mag
  9. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    Asked to design new NFC style device with possible for Both Mag NFC NFCProxy capability. (Design in works) Testing new code for both offline reset PIN try count values PTC max value exceed (Offline Mode Current) Code: update_pin_try_counter(tries): #Reset Card Status Update if tries
  10. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    Questions to the author: 1. Can you do the same for Samsung Pay? It would be much more interesting. A. Working on apple pay and samsung pay not available yet. 2. What does it mean to turn off the chip? Do you change the service code from 201 to 101? Such a transaction will most quickly be rejected by banks due to incorrect CCV (for MasterCard and Visa). A. service code stored on mag and yes is possible to change code or bypass this remove of service code to turn off chip pin allow you to push data to terminal when card would ask for card to be dipped not asking for dip card bypass allowing for swipe only as service bits have been changed. There service code is most where you will find the interesting stuff. for example First digits 1. International interchange OK 2. Internationa interchange, US IC (CHIP) where feasible 5. National interchage only under bilaterla agreement 6 National interchange only except under bilateral agreemen, (Use IC chip) where feasible 7 No interchange except under bilateral agreement (closed loops) Second Digits 0. Normal 2. Contact Issuer Via Online Means 4. Contact Issuer Via Online Means (except under bilateral agreement) Third Digit 0. No restrictions (PIN REQUIRED) 1. No restrictions 2. Goods and Services only (NO CASH) 3. ATM Onlin ( PIN REQUIRED) 4. Cash Only 5. Goods and services only (NO CASH) PIN REQUIRED 6. No restrictions (Use Pin Where Feasible) 7 Goods and services (No Cash) Use PIN where feasible What mag spoof can do is disable the bits that show the card is Chip PIN this allows you to use without need to "DIP" card for 2nd auth as the bits that show the card is C P are disabled. Interesting is the Track 2 with 5-bit ( 4 data bits and 1 parity with allow for 16 possible chars num 0-9 and six chars ;:
  11. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    Look at reply from AKA we have no need to take abuse from members. asking question is ok but for post like this is not right..... No need to bash service or made threats we offered answers to questions.
  12. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    see video... not only AMEX.... Chase.....
  13. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    FKAV you fool......... and you not have access to exploit? must be poor member then? read back... sales were on FUCKAV link in main topic and ps..... check the date... oh 2017
  14. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    aka fuck off our topic!! you are now just troll for no reason ** admin ** please remove AKA from topic non constructive questions and abuse..
  15. MAGSPOOF - EMV+PIN+HW {Hardware}

    можно использовать плавкий предохранитель, но для работы некоторые люди скрывают устройство внутри ткани, провод вокруг запястья внутри манжеты, а затем используют пустую карточку, чтобы «постучать», и платят сильное устройство, чтобы подать сигнал читателю из хорошего диапазона.