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  1. Katrina v3.0 Pos Grabber

    shit regex with lun algorithm nothing speical about it
  2. Minkenry - N/A

    here is his Nickname Minkenry contact : minkenry@xmpp.jp paid him 1000usd txn is here at that moment it was lower rate on btc https://blockchain.info/tx/29fab7b2e...8086236e968c76 here u can match the transaction with the wallet he sent private msg now the story is simple i wanted au cvv2 as i had customer requirement on urgent bases and he said he can deliver .. which he didnt .... told me to wait jokerstash ripped him n blah blah .. see screeen shot .. after that he said he got a base and he uploaded some other shop with fast sales .. i said ok .. how ever just make the refund ... here is his last logs of msg if need further please let me know
  3. Minkenry - N/A

  4. RealAndRare - RealAndRare@omerta.im

    the guy has been paid http://prntscr.com/iraclq http://prntscr.com/iradlt ............ close the topic !!
  5. RealAndRare - RealAndRare@omerta.im

    why does it happen to this seller .. only that every one is having problem why is he threathening all shop owners with blacklist ?? he doesnt have a normal way .. person might be busy or something or another ... its not like his balance has been deducted from shop .. blacklist should be opened when ripped completely .. or it also works if payment for delayed any sort of reason .. and next thing u know is blacklist opened .. i dont find it fair ... i will pay the guy and post it here
  6. Minkenry - N/A

    Soon even I will be posting some real crazy shit !! Mak take notice of this guy ...