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  1. I pay good money if someone find me DL search service. All states. I pay good money per search.
  2. I need zelle cashout service or drops for small amounts per transactions, but big money per day total - Transaction limit 200-300$ - Many transactions per day - total 6-7k,sometimes 8-9k daily. - We can use one or many banks, depend your ideas for fast cashout. - charge backs I dont know when they come, can be days, can be weeks. If you have chase account can be weeks. Good banks to work: Chase, Ally, and many others. Bad banks: Capital 1, WF, BBT, and few others Better you know how to cashout big amounts with debit card or anything like this. I dont want you to go few times in bank daily. You must pay me everytime when my balance is 400-500$. AFTER 2-3 DAYS, we will agree some ammount you to keep and pay me when balance is reached. This is in order you not to cheat me. Or leve despoit. Also I need online acess for bank acts. We work 50:50 if you pay me instant or 60:40 for me, if I need to wait you for withdraws. PM your questions or jabber !
  3. who can lookup usa dl numbers

    I am also interested. If any one can lookup for US DL, PM ME !

    USAA I can do from member to member, if you interested PM.
  5. Купим ваши USA логи с 2012 по 2018ый год. Рассмотрим любые предложения. С новорегами, и\или людьми без репутации работаем только через гарант. Связь лс --------------------------------------------- We buy all your USA logs. From 2012 to 2018 y. We buy all logs you have. Deal only via escrow or with verified users with many posts
  6. I need somsone who have trojan and usa bots in it. From me investments, money $$$ and money for loads, bots, traffic, spammers, etc . 30% from my cashout also I give I also pay all technical fees for admin, hosting,etc... I will invest also a lot of money for traffic, bots, loads Bot (troj) must have VNC or similar solution ! Also you must have some contact,admin or someone who can write me 4-5 injects for banking engines. USA botnet only. or if you work another country, you must make separate botnet to me. >> PM for details p.s I was cheated few times with fake bots owners, be ready to give me idea how to verify you really have real bot and not cheater or timewaster.
  7. Обнал ПП холд 2-3 часа

    I will send you good money. How many max transfers? Send pm
  8. English: ---------------- I am buying (if posible to start fromn today): Citizens bank (citizensbankonline.com) I buy all accounts you have. even 100. I Need only questions, which bank ask. even I not need all. 2 is ok, from 3. Email is optional, but if you have time to search for email I pay $ more. PM on jabber and say me how much accounts you have and i send you money. Left me your contacts.. PM Russian (google translate) ------------------------------ Я покупаю (если можно начать с сегодняшнего дня): Citizensbankonline.com Я покупаю все счета, которые у вас есть. даже 100. Мне нужны только вопросы, которые спрашивают банки. даже мне не нужны все. 2 в порядке, от 3. Электронная почта не является обязательной, но если у вас есть время для поиска электронной почты, я плачу еще $. PM на jabber и скажите мне, сколько у вас счетов, и я посылаю вам деньги. Оставил мне свои контакты .. PM
  9. Hi. I am buying links kns in botnet or logs. Paying really good money. I will contact you now....
  10. Куплю линк в ваших USA логах старость логов не имеет значения Куплю весь обьем который есть. Контакт ПМ