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    Be carefoul he is lying he ruined me 2300$ job...... he doesn't have shit!!!!!!
  2. How to card flights/hotel/attractions online

    Article was actual last year this year it doesnt work nowdays antifraud went up. I have method for expedia that I am willing to give for 2 persons hand only since now Expedia is not my point of interes.Method is working 100% P.S. guys my words were misanderstood stop msging me asking the method. I am not charity here ...What I said is,i am willing to teach how to card expedia. Every job has a price.Nothing is free in this world especially carding
  3. After the 20th of each mont

    what do you mean?
  4. Airbnb

    обналичу airbnb много хостов в европе
  5. Here is the prooves admin on may 15 Mr Smith opens black on him same day mac gives him ripper status https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?p=158758#post158758 on may 18 Vietcards register new profile and offering same services . look at the icq of vietcards and ibam188 Добавлено через 50 секунд https://imgur.com/a/lJo5F screenshot where you can compare the icqs Добавлено через 4 минуты 23 секунды LOL guys can anybody tell me what a fuck he is talking about ? so you agree that you are ibam 188? you ripped MRSMITH короче чувак признался по ходу что он клон а сейчас хуйной страдает
  6. Nick: Vietcards Pubic profile: https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=33951 Thread: https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?t=18487 Ok I contacted the guy for buying some Airbnb accounts with email access he said that 80% of his accs come with emaill access than he refused to deal thru escrow whcih is lready braking the rules of forum. Well i got suspicous and find out that icq number 685349587 which he says is his in this thread belongs to the guy IBAM188 who has ripper status in this forum. Nick :Ibam188 Public profile: https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=1677 Thread:https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?t=2985 Offering same service for which he got ripper status. Admin please ban his ass and give ripper status he is clone of IBAM188 and offering same services
  7. xoxoreal - russianreal1@xmpp.jp

    I asked him about escrow and that i am ready to buy 10 gifts for forum members no answer nothing if he is not ripper why he is not agreeing this? copy paste from other trade OFCOURSE NO ANSWER FROM THIS GUY COMPLETE SILENCE WHEN YOU ASK ABOUT ESCROW .THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO FOR FORUM PEOPLE IF HE IS NOT RIPPER ... I WILL BUY 10 RANDOM ACCS WITH EMAIL ACCESS THRU ESCROW FROM THIS GUY AND I WILL GIVE IT AWAY TO 10 FORUM MEMBERS FOR FREE... THIS IS HOW SURE I AM THAT HE IS RIPPER IF HE FINALASE THE DEAL I WILL COME HERE AND APPOLOGISE IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY..... SO TELL ME THIS IS FLOOD ?I DONT THINK SO THAT SOMEBODY WHO ONLY FLOODS WILL SPEND 300-400$ TO GIVE AWAY... THIS IS HOW SERIOUS I AM AND THIS IS MY AND YOURS DIFFERENCE YOU ARE HERE TO RIPP 30-50 AND I AM EVEN READY TO SPEND 500 TO CATCH THE RIPPER... Добавлено через 2 минуты 39 секунд (9:54:45 PM) dizvar@xmpp.jp/1479485652350418124911263112: you not vietcards? ok i am buying 10 accs from you thru escrow ready? (9:55:01 PM) dizvar@xmpp.jp/1479485652350418124911263112: and i agoing to give it away for free to 10 forum members (9:55:17 PM) dizvar@xmpp.jp/1479485652350418124911263112: ? messages sent to so called seller Добавлено через 27 секунд answer here to people if you are legit seller why you not accepting this deal from me?
  8. xoxoreal - russianreal1@xmpp.jp

    A Seller bought Ebay and Western Union acct all legits (this is your words in your other post left foryourself vietcards) how you can leave review for smthg that he never had so you were lying to people beacuse vietcards never had any account for sale.... you know why you got busted because you are stuppid motherfucker think something better than ripp people here. you are so stuppid that you are trying to ripp people from the accs thet got flugged by me you have lot of others i know each one of them and i am going to report your ass everytime you come arround
  9. xoxoreal - russianreal1@xmpp.jp

    looool big looool how you can give review to something that doesn't exist he never had what he was selling so how you could buy something from him .....
  10. xoxoreal - russianreal1@xmpp.jp

    nick: xoxoreal Jabber : russianreal1@xmpp.jp https://crdclub.ws/member.php?u=103276 Thread: https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?t=26607 Hello guys since I catched Vietcards about month ago and I warned him that i know he got lot of clones and i will catch them too he was laughing now i catch him.... he made new thread offering same stuff that vietcards was offering so I start looking deeper and guess what i found out he gave A+++++ reviews for vietcards https://crdclub.ws/showthread.php?p=144530#post144530 vietcards never had anything to sell he was pure ripper and he has the status.So how you give review for the guy that had never anything to sell... Now funny part he gave review for exactly same stuff that he us offering he bought ebay acc with email access and now selling ebay acc with email. big lol to ripper.. Admin please ban this clown Добавлено через 43 секунды P.S. Admin also check the writing of vietcards and xoxoreal exactly same person writing
  11. Нужен вбив .мануал

    нужен человек с еу матом для ручного вбива.ест пос: Телега @vmmgi
  12. Qayl ara merjir serjin

  13. kovar - kovar@exploit.im

    да я понял о чем речь просто статус крысы не увидел поэтому и спросил
  14. kovar - kovar@exploit.im

    так кидала или нет?