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  1. Need some Items I have Btc Ready to Pay

    he wants to buy carded instruments, what the problem? same as people buy carded apple, samsung, etc..
  2. ........

    if you cant use search button - its not our fault.
  3. Do dump code 1xx work without B char in T1 ?

    its just to pass atm fraud detection. most cc now have 2 tracks minimum... so when you use ATM and start cashing cards with only 1 track (track2) ATM will pass few cards and stop, cuz of high fraud level. Always record 2 tracks minimum. You can generatre t1 from t2 using this software https://www.sendspace.com/file/my4pmn https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/bd...2538/detection
  4. Deciding between Online / Instore

    welll, if you got own skimmer, and use first hand stuff... shopping will work , it will work even if you buy dumps.. you just need to know your bins
  5. Deciding between Online / Instore

    you can skimm by yourself, all you need is 2-3 people in team. cuz skimming is all about team. Finding good atm takes some time. Its not important to find super public place... you can practice using some semi-public atm first prices are very different, overlay skimmers are cheaper - around 1.5k$, deep inserts skimmers - cost 2x more, I am talking about full sets with camera for pins
  6. Deciding between Online / Instore

    if you got enough money - buy a skimmer, that way you will have first hand stuff, not some bought random quality shit
  7. need software for terminal

    if you have it, why not just upload and post it here? Or you want to show him live proof and sell it to him?lol
  8. need software for terminal

    they come with pos in one package. I dont understand how come you dont have those programs if you got pos itself. here the names:
  9. need software for terminal

    there is 2 programs one for downloading d p file from pos, and other to open to file , and also you have to know file password
  10. Serious Cashiers Only

    sounds like you got enough time for bullshit... gtfo or upload balance
  11. finding jp cc seller 1st hand

    its like asking to scam yourself
  12. get the fuck out from here guys do not buy from him anything... he is building stories , before doing scam
  13. yes, and enybody who tries to sell GSM DATA RECEIVER - scam
  14. тут ветка есть провереных дроп проектов, некоторые из них предлогают услугу пересыла до ру, а если тебе всё офицально надо то в гугле куча вариков

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