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  1. using foreign dumps in the us

    why are foreign dumps more expensive are they easier to use in the us or something ?
  2. USPS question

    quick question if i do a usps address change / mail forward does usps send a notice to the old addres?? if u dont know shut ur damn mouth i wanna hear facts not maybes and mights.
  3. run DEBIT as CREDIT walmart HELP

    anyone know how to run debit as credit all wm? for some reason when i click "change payment" it makes it like i must enter pin
  4. buying online BASICS 2017

    what are the basics of using cc to buy stuff online? i got good valid cc with ssn and all & i know avail credit limit. i need to know the basics of doing it up to date 2017 everyone who aint got shit helpful to say just stfu.
  5. Swiping Vanilla Gift Cards

    does walmart have some automatic decline function if u try to swipe giffys? or any other store for that matteer?
  6. QUICK question is EBAY cardable YES or NO

    no seriously bro is ebay hittable
  7. QUICK question is EBAY cardable YES or NO

    is ebay cardable YES or NO ? if anyone know how to do it plz help
  8. buying bins 100$

    any one know some debit bins that work at walmart with no pin. pm me if u give me 1 or 2 bins and it hits ill btc you 100$ bucks for the help.
  9. need help

    dude what bins work at walmart for swipes
  10. Turn CVV into Dump

    is it possible to turn a cvv into a dump?
  11. Dump "Location of Use" Quetion

    ok i normally only buy my dumps if its from SAME CITY or at least state ill use it in but most shops only have my bins from out of state so if i buy these do my approval rates go down & get alot of declines? capital one bins to be exact