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  1. If you're stuck with 201, try this new method

    we still work every day
  2. If you're stuck with 201, try this new method

    In the past two years, I have changed the code 201 to 999. They can swipe the card on p0S and do not need to insert the chip card. Of course, multiple times are needed to test which bin can pass pos. Believe me you will have a harvest!
  3. 组建中国人芯片团队

    需要组建专业的中国人轨道团队,一起试头,共享改轨头及静态头,大家一起抱团合作。QQ314087911 6.icq 723767807..我用x2软件,其实静态芯片的可以工作了,只是需要测头,要一台交行的测头机,测试 不同的头,需要金钱与时间
  4. 组建中国人芯片团队

    需要组建专业的中国人轨道团队,一起试头,共享改轨头及静态头,大家一起抱团合作。QQ314087911 6.icq 723767807
  5. 国人看过来

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  6. I NEED good dumps cashiers!

    i am in laos,i have pos

    are this static bin?
  8. Dump and pin cashier needed urgently!!!

    i am in laos,i have pos