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  1. Home Depot, Lowes and Bestbuy In-Store

    Bet its because you using the wrong timezone on your computer
  2. its possible to get 201 with pin, as the way they skim the dumps now come off the chip, just need to get pin via the pinpad as usual... Using 201 in store with pin will be piece of cake
  3. useless most likely... u need a certain emv writer, as for software, i cant remember the only work software but that name you listed isnt it. first u need static bins which dont change the crypto signature each sale as dynamic bins will change its cryptographic signature with each sale and get your dummy card transaction blocked. Also you will only be able to hit certain stores also... If you have the money to invest into EMV just invest into dumps with pin
  4. Need D+P supplier for long time partnership

    I have 5 different cashouts buying over 30 different items like gift cards, electronics, tabacco products, and clothing items, which means we can make money in almost any store. My Gift card cashouts will cashout up to 20k/10k and electronics at 10k/5k clothes is at 5k/2k. Can do payouts everyday in crypto of your choice. Pm ICQ or Jabber
  5. Looking for USA drops!

    I got drops and can work thru escrow if you need a deposit from me... pm your icq... if you not willing to front it or do escrow thru crdclub then dont hit me
  6. D+P Cashiers

    looking for some real d+p suppliers can cashout every 24hrs since we have cashouts with bags of money. PM for contact info
  7. Best way to work china d+p

    I say Cashout with the POS first with gift cards since it will take whats off the card, then go ATM, make sure if you doing straight ATMs that you going thru more than 1 state, dont bitch about gas, buy some $1 dumps for gas bro
  8. 201 cashier

  9. WU/MG/RIA Drops

    If you need money picked up pm me with contact details, pickups in US

    who giving out mirashop invite Codes?
  11. How can i get my own stuff?

    become a scammer
  12. Bitcoin no longer suitable for payments

    yea monero sounds promising, but btc fees compare nothing to what the fee was that we had to pay for WU/MG