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  1. Sell fullz canada daily update

    this is just your first post and you are not verified seller, how do you want to build trust with your buyers? Добавлено через 2 минуты 15 секунд pm me if you are real and ready for biz.
  2. Canada bank drop needed for loading

    i have but i cant give online access.
  3. 10k-30k job

    am in, lets know the details.
  4. i can do replacement for cash out successfully
  5. i need amex cooprate from US, with email access, can you get me that?
  6. appreciate your understanding, we are now good friends.
  7. google is your friend to get the banks number and all contact you want, and from the message i posted here, there is name there, call the bank quote the transaction, there is merchant number on your transaction receipt and ask for the name on the message i posted, you will get all info you need from your transaction, i will resent receipt to u on your PM in case you dont have it anymore.
  8. but you have transaction receipt with you to get all info you want, and with what is happening in that country can you tell someone to go and get you prove from bank? because you are not on ground and maybe you care for only your money not safety.
  9. Bonjour Le GIM nous informe ne pas pouvoir proc
  10. your transaction is decline and not paid, my contact got message from the bank last week, and for now you got everything u need to do whatever you want with their account you can go ahead, i dont want to talk much about this issue for now and am very sure you know the reason but if you chose to continue goodluck.
  11. the transaction was not declined yet is just the process of pre-autho is not the same with straight auothorization, not all the banks pay pre authot transaction for anyone that understand it, and atimes some banks need time for confirmation, you can not go to banks to pressurize for transaction that is not decline yet, when they refused to pay that is when we can asked for some document for prove, his worker are on ground there, they are aware of what is going on this transaction, hes just trying to be difficult, maybe he think i will use my money to pay after his pressurization. Добавлено через 3 минуты 18 секунд the 2 weeks would be complete this week, so we can ask for any prove when they refused to pay, thanks.
  12. your job is done? how many of the transaction your boys made there is paid, you are just a frustrated boy that you are looking for who you want to transfers it to. ( safe of your workers) for your information, those boys you call your worker are black brothers, so is my right to secure their safety not you, giving me negative rep here has nothing to do with me, am just catching my fun here, more rep please.
  13. @maxmalesya, you dont tag anyone a ripper untill you prove otherwise, no one is your boy here that you can order around, it doesn't matters where you came from, your behaviors speak louder than your color, well mannered in public is a sign of good home training, o boy behave yourself.
  14. you can add my MMN if you like, what i know is i will never let my image be dented in any way, this week anything that happens with your transaction would be posted here for verification if am permited, so go and do your worst am less concern, so far my hands are clean, i am a free man.
  15. Group Buying for EMV Software

    we are good to go bro.