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  1. Nostra - nostra@jabbim.com

    I never deal anything with him and I dont know about Russia language too, so where is Proof of accusation here? screen picture of logchat jabber or something like that? I can call everybody a ripper but I cant show any proof so people will get banned all by text words only here? No way.... @Mak Thanks for your help.
  2. Facebook account+cookies, email+password.

    I have many Facebook account with cookies and email+password access USA,CANADA,EUROPE,ASIA. Price 3$/each, with email+password and cookies price $5/each. You may choice by country location,state,city,zipcode or age of victim also I'm glad to deal by Escrow on crdclub here, dont waste my times for begging test or anything els.
  3. Eat With Skrill

    484738 this one of great BIN still working on Moneybookers aka Skrill now enjoy guy
  4. LOOKING for Carding Partner

    I can make payment any link for you if you're agree deposit to escrow first, of course I never do first anything here without protection like escrow service. text me if you're ready to make deposit to escrow on crdclub.
  5. I need dumps + Pin

    if you can deposit to escrow on crdclub here then contact me. No money no honey, nobody give you first d pin easy like that if you cant deposit to escrow here.
  6. EMV software

    USA is shifting to EMV so get ready for the latest changes.
  7. looking for experienced carder

    I should make payment for your merchant or any site link purchase 3D and vbv, but you have to deposit to escrow on crdclub first, contact me if you can go by escrow, no money on escrow then dont contact me, that all.