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    Need us drops for items ship to you and store pickup. pm me jabber. ksarr@sj.ms or icq 693371676
  2. There are specific debit bins that bypass 3d/vbv
  3. How is CCV tested for survival

    use donation sites mate, they are good.
  4. Card Payment Processor

    pm me on icq 693371676 good and clean deal
  5. NEED HELP ASAP ,Dont know what im doing wrong!!

    do they sell dumps with pin?
  6. Drops needed

    Mainly us but you cab dm me your cuntry to see if i can get some shops
  7. Drops needed

    I need drops in us for daily deals. i ship items to your address and you sell and send my share. time wasters stay away. pm me or jabber ksarr@sj.ms
  8. EZ cashout method.

    Bumping up my thread
  9. EZ cashout method.

    I have a merchant account which processes non vbv cards only, any country. if you can card it get your cut 50% within 72 hours or less. ping me on jabber ksarr@sj.ms or pm me here.
  10. paying $50 each for this usa cc bins

    -13 rep, could have given you the ccs but your reputation has some ???
  11. looking for a partner (cashout)

    ass me ksarr@sj.ms