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  1. Chase Drop Needed

    aged? or new chase accounts ok?
  2. Learn how to build CPNs from scratch and add TRADELINES

    lol half of these guys are yourself... damn lol.. stop playing yourself.. dont be bring your prtship shit over here... lol... hahaha.. skitzo fucc
  3. Need in US-based guys

    im in los angeles, tele @yerdumpsmells
  4. Looking for Bank Account Fullz

    i got fullz with chase, boa, and wells with online access etc. also have ein on some fullz . hit me up if you serious
  5. Single mom needs help starting out

    watch out for this pathetic ripper, he acting like a single mom and posting to every damn forum asking for a handout, disgusting.. he makes me sick...
  6. not just eu, but same with us.... just dont go over $100 on first order.. add any bank details, but routing must be real.. and add a fake DL number, and free order..
  7. Enroll WELLS FARGO

    Я могу открыть текущий счет в течение нескольких дней, извините, я не русский и использую Google Translate
  8. physical card

    facts.. if someone can get approved for a CC they should already know how to receive the physical cards and cashout themselves... and pincords offer doesnt sound to appealing... why risk of you not sending my share, when i can keep all... sounds suspect
  9. Why don't you just buy cc, there's plenty of verified vendors here that sell us cc.... Don't think anyone would provide you with CC for cashing out with a percentage if they can be done themselves
  10. Anyone selling fullz?

  11. FULLZ