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  1. Looking for Comcast, Xfinity, Verizon, Sprint info or just logins. PM me or message me on ICQ/Jabber if u have. icq: priv618 jabber: priv618@jabb3r.org
  2. USA CVV no Billing

    Got USA CVV no Billing Just CC#|Exp|CVV|Name|Email|Phone icq: priv618 jabber: priv618@jabb3r.org Sample: 4834683005088445/1022/739|Jose Barajas|mamalola1962@hotmail.com|2093248178 4147400185236202/0423/583|Regal Coffee|smccaskill@charter.net|8286698101
  3. [Fresh] USA CVV no Billing 100% Valid

    Got new USA CVV no billing fresh and untouch. Low price Hit me Up!!! icq: priv618 jabber: priv618@jabb3r.org 4834683005088445/1022/739|Jose Barajas|mamalola1962@hotmail.com|2093248178 4147400185236202/0423/583|Regal Coffee|smccaskill@charter.net|8286698101
  4. Who knows a Shop Where I can Card E-Gift Card???

    Hi! I have lots of USA CVV for sale, but as of now I do not have buyer yet, I want to try how to card. I want to card E-gift cards if its Possible. Can someone give me a cardable site for this??? Or I can card for you and u pay for %. talk to me on Jabber or drop ur ICQ: I'm not a pro carder so please do not ask for IPHONES or something. as me if the site is so easy to card, like porn site, dating site or something similar to that XD. priv618@jabb3r.org
  5. Hi! my supplier will send me EU cards today or mayber tomorrow and we plan to sell it. Its stolen from personal company and we do not have idea how much can we sell it. As of now we stole USA cards only, but the problem is no address that's why we do not sell it yet. But this EU with some Malaysia, UAE, Egypt card have complete details (Name, CVV and Complete Address) comment your suggestion please. Thank you!
  6. Card without address is still usefull or useless??

    i think its still useful cause so many member here message me to give them free cards lol. there is no free in this world. unless you are trusted member here i will give u a test card...
  7. Card without address is still usefull or useless??

    Hi guys! I have USA and UK CC's but no address, any idea if i can still use it? its 100% fresh... Jabber: priv618@jabb3r.org
  8. what is your relation to this ripper? you have the same reason where you get the cards. http://crdclub.cc/showthread.php?t=46539
  9. where we can check CC for free???

    thanks bro i will try that
  10. where we can check CC for free???

    I'm looking for checking cards method without spending money to any online checker. can u share some idea please.
  11. Hi! I want to know what is CVV Dead means. Because i have lots of USA CVV but when i check to try2service i only get 2 out of 10 is alive or sometimes 1 alive only and others are expired already. its means the 2 is live and 8 is dead? I can still sell dead cards? thanks for the help! (its not hack or public cc. its from our own company info) Sample Cards: Full Name: LULA DENTON Address: 4205 N 104th St APT 1 Milwaukee WI 53222 Phone: 4149300266 DOB: 08-29-52 CC #: 5459584639234440 CC exp: 0520 CVV: 128 ------------------------- Full Name: sherry brewry Address: 6623 hidden oaks place Alma ar 72921 Phone: 4792174273 DOB: 01-10-63 CC #: 4337200009432792 CC exp: 0422 CVV: 975 ------------------------- Full Name: dennis mueller Address: 4503 Kirkdale Ct Columbia mo 65203 Phone: 5734457323 DOB: 12-30-45 CC #: 6011006304004113 CC exp: 1021 CVV: 181 ------------------------- Full Name: josephine o'connor Address: 3 Kensington Ln unit 105 Bedford NH 03110 Phone: 6037823482 DOB: 03-18-44 CC #: 372741170496300 CC exp: 0320 CVV: 2028
  12. Hi! I have 1000+pcs USA CVV and I'm looking for bulk buyers of it even in cheap price. I don't care about the price, I just want to dispose it fast. (Valid rate is low around 30% only) PM me or Contact me Here: priv618@jabb3r.org (Escrow is much better to avoid scammer) I post about I have cards to sell and this fake lavrovs777 told me that he is a bulk buyer and he send me this link https://crdclub.cc/showthread.php?t=10960 I am so exited and I forgot to check the jabber ID and his background and give him 200 USA cards and after that he is gone