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  1. I need China's T2+PIN

  2. I need China's T2+PIN

    @Conychou2010,pm Добавлено через 18 секунд if you have ,pm
  3. I need China's T2+PIN

    Yes, I know the best thing to do now in China. 220 120. My partner is not the biggest boss. He still needs the money. His ideal is to have 200,000 yuan in income every day. Today he came to China to find me, I don't know what to do.
  4. I need China's T2+PIN

    This is of course strange. He paid me $20k for me to ask him to learn. I bought the device but didn't have d p. I don't know if 201 101 can be used in Thailand. My trade with him is very secret. He only wants China's dump.
  5. I need China's T2+PIN

    I am a newcomer from China, but my partner is the leader of the Southeast Asian underground money house. He hopes that I can learn to dump because he has hundreds of POS machines in the local area.I am just a newbie, I seek cooperation, we even bought the leader of the local party.
  6. A carding course from China