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  1. Is It Possible to Sell Dead Cards CVV???

    Sad to know that mate. But you took your chance with a huge quantity of data. you should have tested the waters with small batch. People in this business cannot be trusted at all. Low lifes everywhere. As they say.. theres no honor among thieves
  2. Anyone from the US here?

    Looking to partner with brothers from the US. Lets connect and help each other grow as a team. Looking forward to work with like minded folks around.
  3. Скупка USA SSN+DOB баз.

    Hello Mate, i have the details FIRST NAME LAST NAME ADDRESS,CITY,STATE,ZIP EMAIL PHONE DOB SSN LICENSE NUMBER LICENSE STATE EMPLOYER JOB TITLE WORK PHONE DATE HIRED INCOME/WAGE MONTHLY_PA PAY PERIOD ACTIVE/CHECKING-ACCOUTNT YPE BANK name ROUTING NUMBER ACCOUNT NUMBER IP looking for bulk buyers. I can spam upto 100k files a month. please email me for details and sample - eni.gjika1980@gmail.com