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  1. Получил переводы на сберанк, альфабанк, втб, тинькофф 2 карты и открытие 3 карты Таких денег и в такой срок я еще не видел, огромное уважение сервису и респект, будем работать!!!
  2. Dumps - Swipe

    Are you asking how much you can swipe through your own merchant account and cashout to your bank?
  3. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    Yeah I'm getting bins only in my State most of the time. I know swiping isn't like it use to be even a few years ago. 201 is to inconsistent even with solid bin list I have.
  4. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    Right on Iv been focusing one 101 and having better success. Bout to start trying tap n pay out.
  5. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    I'v been doing 3DIP but have figured things out more the last few weeks. Been having more luck with 101 dumps.
  6. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    I have been experimenting with dumps the last few weeks after getting an MSR605 and have only been able to hit gas stations, fast food, etc. I have tried a few chain stores to purchase items around a few hundred dollars and out of probably 20 valid dumps have not had any success. Gets declined every time. Used a card today for some gas, declined at a store for $100 giftcard, but still worked after for gas again. I am writing onto a few EMV cards in my name I jammed the EMV chips on so using the 3-swipe method and am also purchasing dumps in my geo location. Any help would be great.
  7. Non emv atms

    Kind of an odd question to post bro.. Y
  8. 1 dip plastics

    Go to "Other" in the market section. there is a solid plastic vendor with 1 dips card.
  9. Websites

    Check post under "Online Carding". Iv seen a list posted.
  10. Card Payment Processor

    Looking for a few people to card my shop daily. Around $50-$180 per transaction. I receive payments within 72 hours. Shop should stay open for a while. 35%
  11. US Bank Drops Available

    Have a variety of bank drops, some with ATM card.Can create custom drops as well. Looking for anyone who can load for 40/60.
  12. Wells Fargo and BOA accounts available for wire

    You are sending wires? I have a few solid drops. PM me
  13. physical card

    Probably the dumbest post I have seen thus far
  14. think i got scammed kevin needs helps

    He's got a point lol
  15. if anyone wants to make insert skimmer pm me

    What are insert skimmer files? There is a file required to skim cards?