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  1. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    Are you swiping three times or dipping three times ? Also have you tested for bins in your area ?
  2. I need help not a hand out

    I have everything i need for instore carding . I bought 100 (4x) mix dump from different vendors so i have 400 dumps . My question is how do i test the bins out ? Can i just go to Walmart and swipe for a candy or something ? I don’t care about the dumps , i just wanna know what bins work in my area .
  3. Noob help... almost got it(instore)

    I’ve been studying carding for 2 months now, last weekend me and my homie tried it out, we both bought a 101 dumP from golden dumps (Crédit) . Mine workers but his didn’t and we don’t know why. My question is what’s the right/best way to find working bins ? I read somewhere that we should buy in bulk and just try them out at small shoPs or use the paid parking machine just to see if they work , will that work or is there another way ? If so, where the best place to get dumPs in bulk ? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Right bins

    How can i find bins that work for my area ?
  5. 201 Dumps

    What the best way to bypass chip ? And no i don’t want to buy your EMV software fam