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  1. Army-bots - TheArmy@jabbim.ru

    This is Not our jabber , you get scammed by Fake our jabber is TheArmy@jabb.im
  2. Dont shit here please , Our Jabber is TheArmy@jabb.im and not Jabbim.ru You get scammed by Fake Delete your shit from my thread Добавлено через 35 секунд Yes
  3. Sorry i not sell Exploit kit Добавлено через 33 секунды add me on jabber for live demo
  4. "Get your Botnet ready in less 30min" Yes its possible now I fully setup and Install varied kind of botnet (Loader,miners....etc) , provide Offshore Hosting and Bulletproof Domain Our services -Private and Public Botnet -Hosting server in Offshore Location -Bulletproof domain -Crypt Service (Scantime crypt) Prices start @ 50$ for basic botnet like smoke (cracked version) and can up too 1,500$ for private HVNC botnet ! Contact Jabber: TheArmy@jabbim.ru
  5. Need bots, installs, loads, POS access

    We not send FREE bots in the AIR !! You need Bots quality and Unshared !! You can buy !! Partnership where Only you win are Just Fun ! Good luck
  6. Need bots, installs, loads, POS access

    We can sell you Bots/installs
  7. GlitchPOS Malware

    LOL smell honey pots !!! noobs take care and use ESCROW !!! https://gbhackers.com/glitchpos-malware-web/