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  1. Swiping Fuel Cards - Help

    Ah I understand you now, but how come the MSR-X machine doesn't allow me to write it on a blank card then? That's weird. It keeps saying track1 needed
  2. Swiping Fuel Cards - Help

    I need track 1 to clone the card, doesn’t I? PM me bro
  3. Swiping Fuel Cards - Help

    What do you mean by, I have to read it like track 2? I’m swiping it through the MSR machine, and only track 2 appears on the screen. Try to PM me, to explain further. Thanks for the fast reply
  4. Swiping Fuel Cards - Help

    Okay guys listen up. I’m about to swipe this fuelcard that I have with MSR-605X. It only gives me track 2, but its alright, because I know I can generate track 1 from track2. Here comes the problem - a fuel card, is not a credit card. So I need the 3 CVV digit code to make track 1, but how I am supposed to do that when there is no CVV number on the fuel card?
  5. Dynamic 3D Secure/3-D Secure 2.0

    What do we do guys? We are finished..... Isn't there something to do? And how realistic is this? When are they planning this?
  6. Socks5 question

    Hi Guys I was wondering, do the socks need to be in the exact same town as the cardholder? Or is it just fine with the country? I hope you can answer my question
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess I won't use RDP then :-)
  8. I was wondering, do I really need RDP? I can't seem to figure it out, and set it up. I use NordVPN, Mac adress changer, CC Cleaner and I'm about to buy some proxies. Do I really need RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to stay safe? Hope you guys will answer my question. (I'm also looking for some more proxies in Denmark besides the capital city Copenhagen)
  9. The Future of Carding. I'm Concerned.

    Hey Guys I must say these days, I've been kind of depressed. I've read an article about how MasterCard, and other companies are trying to change the payment system. They don't even want to use codes anymore. A Bio metric payment where you pay with fingerprints, and face recognition, is the new hot topic now. All this new technology will eliminate our livelihoods, and our living. I knew that someday, they will eliminate physical cards, they already made credit cards in apps now - so from the dumps perspective, I knew it's days were counted. But the CVV business? Are they trying to take it away from us? I've read an article about apple made a so-called apple card, where the CVV number generates from each time you buy something online. That's a smart move trying to kill credit card fraud. So my question is.... How long do we have? Are our days counted? Do we still have good 1,2,3,4,5 years? Are they any other ways us as carders, can make a living without education and job? When does they day come, where all banks will force 3D-Secure on every creditcard? Someone please, calm down my nerves. I need some response viseguy is online now Edit/Delete Message
  10. Carding dead?

    I like this guy... ;-)