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  1. I am insanely glad that I turned to this person for a bank transfer, He is the best of the best!
  2. Change site

    Hey club ? so i was looking for an exchange site ans someone from enclave forum shared me this www.dineros.cash .. i open and it look a bit legit but i haven't try yet but i want to ask if someone here ever had experience with them ? Will be glad for honest reviews
  3. Masterpass websites?

    Anyone know a site that accepts master pass the virtual wallet???
  4. Straighttalk Carding Method

    Should it be ship to home ? do they ask fr ID or name on card ?
  5. Problem swiping dump

    i tried also but seems my acct not AP yet my Mod i cnt post my jid in public
  6. Problem swiping dump

    i have got fre hit my DM my acct still on pending
  7. Holala

    should i welcome others or i should welcome my self lol im nt new to carding been on omerta since 2016 I know my way up n way down lol im here to get the bands