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  1. Looking for Mentor.

    message me on telegram gri_mes
  2. My first success... Need help on how to proceed

    Thanks for all the responses guys. Feels like too much dicking around, so I'm going to shelve this op for the moment but I appreciate everyones insight.
  3. My first success... Need help on how to proceed

    What documents are usually needed? Everything I can get on dream?
  4. My first success... Need help on how to proceed

    Hello everyone, I finally hit something. 8k capital one card that has been marked as shipped... think I'm good on that, now i'm just checking the informed delivery of my drop for when it pops up. That said, what do y'all recommend on how I can go ahead with this card? I plan on the daily cash advances, maybe Western union sent to my fake ID. But what do you recommend? Is there any risk in getting the card locked by doing what I said above? Also a little tip... Not sure that if this affected my approval odds or not, but I applied through credit karma and got approved and card shipped with almost no security on mind... I was actually just testing something and I'm shocked it went through.
  5. Bank accounts

    So I just checked freecreditreport.com and didn't see anything about active bank accounts... Any other ideas on how to find my profiles bank?
  6. Bank accounts

    That's nothing, our liquor stores have driver thrus!
  7. Bank accounts

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I have not yet tried pinging my profiles CR through the reporting agencies; I mainly used credit karma/sesame. If I use freecreditreport.com, will I get the results back instantly or through the mail?
  8. Bank accounts

    Quick question... How do I find out which bank my fullz have accounts at? Добавлено через 42 минуты 2 секунды Ok... Guess I should've waited on asking the question because I was able to SE my way into the information on a hunch. So, my fullz is indeed an account holder; with a sizeable balance at that... So, I have a HQ ID made from the legendary Plastica with my victim's information on it. It is an out of state ID. What are the pros and cons of me of me physically walking (or, I'm considering taking an uber through the drive through) and withdrawing the cash? I do not have the account number, however this has never stopped me from making a withdrawal from my personal accounts. Thoughts?
  9. Cashing out fresh credit card

    i'm on icq and telegram. Feel free to PM me
  10. Cashing out fresh credit card

    I just received my capital one card and have activated it and ready to get rolling. Unfortunately I am only able to withdraw 2.4k of the 8k limit in cash. Can anyone recommend me some time/cost effiecent methods to cashing out? Right now all I can consider doing is just purchasing high end electronics to fence but was curious to see if anyone can recommend something different?
  11. DRAWING DOCUMENTS (passport,bill,id,dl,statement)

    Trying to contact you...