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  1. Bank account needed for instant bank transfer

    Anyone with region bank account or any other US Uk bank account should pm me now on my icq 746757305 or telegram mak10ent

    I'm sure this dude is part of those broke count Africans always trying to ripp other lmao

    ...................................CARDING ADVICE..AND HOW TO BE SAFE....WHEN DO CARDING JUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS....................... 1. Take a laptop and turn it the internet connection off. 2. Start and Run CCleaner, after that change(spoof) your MAC address with TMAC(Technicum MAC address changer). 3. Go to a public or hacked wifi and connect with it(if you success to login in the router settings than OK). 4. Start your RDP with Remote Desktop Connection. 5. Instal VMware workstation and CCleaner in your RDP. 6. Install the following tools in the Virtual machine who you will create in your RDP: 6.1. CCleaner. 6.2. SocksCap64. 6.3 Your Vip72 plan software. 6.4. FraudFox browser or Antidetect. 7. Change the system time zone of both RDP and VM match your victim time zone. 8. Clear the DNS cache of your RDP. 9. Put your checked by check2ip.com socks5 proxies in SocksCap64. 10. Start and configure FraudFox or Antidetect through SocksCap64. ==> AND YOU ARE READY TO START THE CARDING. 11. After your carding shit, Don't forget to delete the virtual machine from VMware. (Optional) 12. Look the end of step 3. (if you success to login in the router settings than OK). Login in that settings and try to change the username and pass. I'm talking about 192.168.x.1 user and pass. Than when the cops come to investigate the devices connected with this router they need to reset it but your spoofed mac address will be removed . And while the router get restart you must turn your wifi off. 13. After all that just do step step 2 again. FOR MORE INFORMATION ICQ:746849900
  4. Tools and equipment ready to teach new ones here willing to card conatct me on my Icq 746757305
  5. Needs clarification on using American Express

    hey contact this nigga on icq 746757305 or telegram mak10ent
  6. Anyone with region bank account or any US bank account should pm me now on my icq 746757305 or telegram mak10ent
  7. Will do pickup with ID

    Do have an account for bank trasfers?
  8. Refunding info

    Mak10ent is this instagram still working?
  9. Little help needed

    Go to this nigga on icq 746757305
  10. Whats going on here?!

    hey bro i sent you a message on icq lets chat there im rt

    I look daily for USA based guys with msr in hands plus free EMV ATM . will provide you dumps on % basis 70/30 first day ...second day =$econd shot 50/50 If u are interested simple post here your TELEGRAM contact Payment back on BTC . New members only ESCROW CRD FORUM or deposit Old members references enough. Rats Students Hungry kids Indian Slaves pls dont write don't waste my time.. any state imoprtant and ready for business SERIOUS ONES SHOULD CONTACT ME ON ICQ 747706785 OR TELEGRAM @mak10ent
  12. Kings Travel Scammer, Scam thread

    Thanks for your alert bro
  13. Anyone that got an account for bank transfers should contact me through icq746757305 or telegram mak10ent
  14. Dont trust people and avoid timewasting

    Lol you might be liar as well if you can cancel the the flight what’s your problem now ?

    hey im recommending this nigga to you 746757305 and telegrm mak10ent