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  1. "Unable To Process Payment" Everytime

    man u jus need stronger 6s... you'll find out the more u swipe, but some dumps jus dont work well for gift cards, they will work all day and night for merch and other things but no gift cards. its a lot of trial and error, and honestly bins (6s) are very important as well. I'd research fcu
  2. I need USA Cashier

    Yo. Been a dumps cashier for about 2 years now, am in the field every single day. spend my entire days working, cashing out my own dumps i buy from sites at grocery stores and department stores all day everyday. I know how to get the job done quickly and effectively. Also experienced with dumps with pin, as well as cvvs on tap to pay. If you're interested in working together then hit me on telegram @bipgangjay707 or ICQ 742565960, hope i hear from you soon
  3. Where to sell euro dump bases? skimmed from atm

  4. Paxful.com, choose “ ANY debit/credit card” as method of buying btc, and scroll down til u find an offer that requires no ID or verification

    Yo I’m located in Cali I’m tryna work. Got mad and tapp hit me @bipgangjay707